PodSwap: Get your AirPods refurbished at $49.99

AirPods are one of the best Bluetooth headsets money can buy.

Advanced noise cancellation, premium sound, sturdily built, and fast connectivity with other Apple devices, are just a few of its glamorous features. But, what happens if you damage your beloved AirPods?

Well despite its humongous list of features AirPods are just like any other device are susceptible to breakdown. Although the tough exterior of the AirPods makes their shell virtually impossible to break. But, the internals of an AirPod is way more fragile than you might think of. Even a small circuit failure could make the whole device useless. Thus, it is important to know how you can refurbish your AirPods.

Now as we talk about refurbishing, it should be noted that refurbishing an AirPod cannot be done at your home(unless you are an electronics expert) So, you will need professional help for it.

In this article, we will talk about a website that is right now the most reputed online store for refurbishing AirPods.

Let’s look at how they work….

Getting your Airpods refurbished at $49.99

Most products of today are made to not be repaired. It's unfortunate because landfills are inundated across the globe, and recycling can help, but it's not enough. We are always sad when electronic gadgets fail and aren't able to be repaired.

We encountered this issue recently with my very first AirPods. We love them because they fit my ear perfectly and sound great. The battery, however, is starting to run out, and they're not lasting longer than 15 minutes. What to do? You can throw them away and purchase new ones. Maybe.

We were looking into alternatives for earbuds, and a friend on Twitter suggested the Podswap. They repair batteries on the first and second generation of AirPods. If you don't get yours fixed, They send you a repaired pair, and then you send yours back, and the process continues.

At first, we weren't convinced by the idea, especially since it was $59 to purchase a pair of Airpods with fresh batteries. Our Airpods have been around for a long time, but only in the last few months have we noticed the battery was dying faster and faster than the others. We like them, so we decided to try Podswap.

The procedure is as easy as it gets. You can order the exact model of Airpods that you already own. You cannot send them an Airpod Generation 1 and then order a Generation 2 or higher. It must be an identical model. Gen 1 costs $59, and Gen 2 models cost $69.

They arrived promptly and were in good shape. The AirPods have a few scratches, but they have no effect on how they feel in the ear. We needed to keep in mind that they were used and not brand new.

They come in plastic cases that have a cushioned insert, making them comfortable to travel with. We pulled them out and put the Airpods into my charging case; then we let them charge up. Podswap claims that it will require many charges to bring them up to their maximum battery life.

Overall, we're satisfied with the product. We have an Airpod that is as good as brand new and has a longer battery life, plus we're glad to not be dumping a piece of electronics into the trash.

Note: Because the AirPods you get have been recycled, small scratches and other minor flaws may appear on your replacement devices.

What you’ll get

  • 2 Recycled AirPods (R & L)
  • Battery life will be as good as new
  • Fully Sanitized and Cleaned
  • Free Return Shipping
  • 90 Day Warranty

What are the ineligible physical conditions of your AirPods?

  • Mesh is broken or has been broken.
  • The stain is permanent.
  • Cracked or dented to a significant degree
  • Mesh is broken or has been broken.
  • Discolored or fake
  • Damaged or corroded by water

Ineligible physical conditions

  • Power not turning on
  • Microphone doesn't work

Another great option is that when you have lost an Airpod, you can buy a substitute cost of $49.99. This isn't as good a price as getting the battery replacement, but it's nice to have an alternative.