Page Dots 2 Numbers

When you use your iPhone or iPad, you will notice a series of dots on the Home Screen that are placed for all the pages of your Home Screen. When you move between these pages of the Home Screen, you will notice a specific dot lighting up that will tell you the page that you are currently accessing.

Although these dots on the screen are a great way to know which page you are on, but a few users have difficulty in seeing these dots and understanding which page they are on. This is why a new and free jailbreak tweak named Page Dots 2 Numbers that was developed by iOS developer MinxterYT seems like the perfect solution.

The idea behind the Page Dots 2 Numbers is quite simple, it basically replaces the native page dot indicator with a page number indicator. As a result, it is easier to see the page numbers and makes it easier for the users to understand which Home Screen page they are currently on. Most of you must have read a book so, Page Dots 2 Number follows the same format as it places the page number indicators at the bottom center to make it easy for the users to know which page they are on.

This tweak makes it easier for the users with poor vision to know the Home Screen page they are on and is more neat and organized that the dot indicators too. So, when you swipe the pages on the Home Screen, the page number changes too. If you swipe right, the page number will go up and if you swipe left, then the page number will go down. However, one drawback of this tweak is that, unlike the dots indicator, you won’t know the total number of pages on the Home Screen that are there on the device.

But not to worry, the developer is currently working on addressing this drawback and might release the fix in the next update release. Currently, there is no option to configure the tweak so you get what you see. If you are interested in downloading Page Dots 2 Numbers on your device, then you can get it for free from the MinxterYT’s repository via favorite package manager. It is currently supported on the jailbroken iOS 13 devices but it might work on other iOS versions as well.

Would you like to give this tweak a try or are you happy with the dots indicator? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!