Nomad proposes Rugged AirTag keychain and Rugged pet ID tag

In 2021, Apple launched its most awaited tracking device name AirTag. It is a tiny Bluetooth tracking device that will help you to locate your belongings.

It can be configured from your Apple device through Find My App. Once you set up, attach to your files, bags, or car keys. If you are in a hurry and one of your items is out of sight, then AirTag will do the work.

Presently, Nomad has taken part in the race and released a pair of case options for the tracking device.

If you have a pet then, you can attach the AirTag to your pet's collar. It is an innovative way to keep track of your pet.

Nomad has introduced two case options for AirTag. They focused on making the AirTags waterproof and an option for a pet. This is how the Rugged AirTag and Rugged pet ID comes in.

The two variants are made up of a TPU over-molded polycarbonate shell which makes it hard and super protective. They will be useful when you attach them to your pet. They are excellent for daily use.

The two enclosure options: a speaker hole back and IP-67 rated waterproof back. There is also a customizable metal cover. You can engrave texts on the metal cover, which would cost you some money.

There is a key ring hole that makes it easy to attach to your pet's collar. Apple didn't offer a key ring whole in their AirTag.

They are stainless steel and completely water and dust-resistant. It can be put up to 30 minutes underwater.

The TPU Nomad tags are scratch-free and can be exposed to extreme conditions. Keeping in mind the pet's activities, they are manufactured in such a way that they won't fall off the collar.

How to configure an AirTag?

If you have an AirTag, keep it near your Apple smartphone. It will automatically detect the AirTag, and a prompt will pop up to set up. Once you registered it with your Apple ID. Now, you are all set to attach to your pet's collar. You can also change the AirTag name and emoji from Find My App.


The Nomad Pet ID AirTag costs around $29.95. If you want to engrave on the metal sheet, it will cost an additional $19.95.

A normal variant of the Rugged keychain is also available, and it costs the same amount. They both are identical and available in two different color variants, black and white.

Wrapping Up

Making a device that tracks your pet isn't a bad idea at all. The pet should be present within the range of the Find My App network; otherwise, it will be difficult to locate them. Having an AirTag in his/her collar will help to find them easily.

The Rugged AirTags will roll out to the commercial market on August 12. They will be available in the Apple Store and the official Apple website.