Nomad Launches Rugged Cover for Moment for iPhone 12

Nomad has released a new iPhone 12 protective shell that includes support for Apple's MagSafe and Moment's M-Series lens. In addition, it allows the user to utilize an 18mm Wide or 58mm Tele lens, which is ideal for individuals who take images with their smartphones. "Rugged Case for Moment" is the name of the new Nomad iPhone 12 case.

Moment lenses are intended to function smoothly with the Rugged Case for Moment.

With Rugged Case for Moment, simply rotate your moment lens 90 degrees, and you're ready to shoot. Several lens models are compatible with the attachment, but they are not supplied. The case also has two attachment points, allowing the user to attach a security cord to the phone to prevent accidental drops. In the recent launch, Bird of passage conjointly sells a wireless charger meant to switch employment of typical chargers on the iPhone.

For the time being, the Nomad iPhone 12 cover is only available for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. It costs $59.95 and can be ordered through Nomad's official website.

The "Rugged Cover for Moment" by Nomad, is a new case for the iPhone 12 that costs $59.95. Moment's M-Series lenses, such as the Wide 18mm and Tele 58mm lenses, are compatible with this attachment.

The new Nomad case is constructed of Horween leather and comes in Rustic Brown and Black. It is compatible with Apple MagSafe. Unfortunately, the case does not feature a Moment M-Series lens, but it does have the Moment drop-in lens mount, regular camera ring, and Moment lens interface.

The full list of Moment lenses that square measure compatible with the new case is the Wide 18mm lens, Tele 58mm lens, Anamorphic camera, 14mm camera lens, and Macro lens.

For the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, the Rugged Case for Moment is available. The case is available now for $59.95 on Nomad's website, and compatible Moment lenses are available on both Moment's and Nomad's websites.

With the debut of a version of their luxury leather iPhone covers that supports Moment's mobile lenses for the iPhone 12, Nomad is extending its cooperation with Moment.

Moment M-series lenses, which can be fitted over Wide and Tele lenses and offer a plethora of shooting options, are now supported in the upgraded version of Nomad's Rugged Case. A fisheye lens, an 18mm Wide lens, a 65mm Tele lens, a macro lens, and an anamorphic lens are all available from Moment.

A normal camera ring is supplied, as well as a lens mount camera ring. The Moment also sells plastic covers with the same capabilities. The Rugged Case is available in black or Rustic Brown natural Horween leather and has a ten-foot drop protection rating. The series includes Apple's MagSafe compatibility as well as a lanyard anchor point, which might be useful while photographing in dangerous situations.