Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller- Here's how to use it with Mac

Have you ever considered using a Nintendo Switch controller with your Mac? You've got this!

Although the Mac may not be the gaming powerhouse that some gamers prefer, that doesn't mean there aren't some fantastic games to be had.

Apple Arcade has definitely changed things, and the App Store has a plethora of paid and free titles and many iPad and iPhone games for the new Apple Silicon Macs.

However, there are occasions when playing games with a mouse and keyboard is simply not an option. When that happens, a game controller comes in handy, and what better controller to use than a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con?

In case you're curious, there is no better controller. Okay, that's a personal preference, but you get the idea – a gaming controller is pretty awesome!

How to Connect a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller to a Mac

The first and foremost actionable step would be to switch off your Nintendo Switch so that the Joy-Con can be unpaired. You won't be able to pair something with a Switch while it's connected.

  • Keep the Sync button on the Joy-Con you want to pair with your Mac for a few seconds. Keep it in your hand until you see blinking lights.
  • On your Mac, go to the Apple menu and choose "System Preferences," then "Bluetooth."
  • In the Devices panel, you'll see your Joy-Con. To finish the pairing process, click "Pair."

A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can also be used with a Mac. That is the most logical choice, and the procedure is nearly identical. On the top of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the Sync button, a tiny black button.

Now that you've matched your controller, you can play all of your favorite games while having the added benefit of using a controller.

You can use a Sony PlayStation 4 controller or an Xbox One controller with the Mac if you don't have a Switch Controller.

What if you have an old PS3 controller that you no longer use? Why not use it as a Mac controller instead? Many games are much more enjoyable or, at the very least, have a more familiar gaming experience when played with a controller.

Have fun gaming! Oh, and if you choose to game on your iPhone or iPad, game controllers for those devices are also available, including Xbox One, PS4, Switch, third-party controllers, and others.