New Gen iPhone SE set to be launched in 2022

There’s a new talk in town about Apple, who are supposedly planning to launch a brand new iPhone SE the following year. This brand new iPhone will be an upgrade to the previous iPhone SE which was released back in 2016. Initially, iPhone SE was a gamble by Apple who wanted to launch a low-cost mobile to appeal to buyers in the mid-range smartphone market. But, it never lived up to its expectations.

Back in 2016, the iPhone SE came with mid-ranged technical specs and an all-plastic built. Which never appealed to native iPhone users and was also a low-show among mid-range smartphone users. Thus, iPhone SE encountered one of the lowest sales quotients Apple faced in years. But, as of 2021, Apple is determined to bring back its lost glory with the brand new version of the iPhone SE.

What is the name of this new device?

According to multiple sources, Apple Inc. is called this brand new device iPhone SE 3. It is the successor to their old iPhone SE launched in 2016.

Specs of iPhone SE 3

To make this new iPhone a top contender in the market, Apple has come with a bunch of new upgrades like:

  • A better quality screen with a 30Htz refresh rate.
  • An overclocked Apple Bionic A14 Chipset (it’s the same processor we see in iPhone 12 lineup).
  • A brighter and more colorful 6.1 inch UHD display.
  • Sturdy plastic body.
  • Single rear camera with updated sensors.
  • Single front camera.
  • The new iPhone SE 3 will come with 5G connectivity over wired or cellular networks.
  • It will have the latest version of iOS 14, updatable to iOS 15 and later versions.
  • A mediocre battery- around 2000-3300 mAh.
  • IR Blaster and an updated Fingerprint scanner.
  • Brand new face recognition mechanism.
  • Up to 256GB of storage.
  • New funky colors like - sea blue, rose gold, midnight black, etc.
  • This new iPhone SE 3 might or might not come with wireless charging facilities.

How much will it cost?

It is always a little difficult to determine the price of an unreleased product. But, according to our studies, the older model of the iPhone SE when launched was around $449 (39,950 INR). So, this new model could cost somewhere around $499-549(37,140 to 40,860 INR).

Note:- This price is completely based on our assumption through reports from trusted sources. The actual price of the commodity might fluctuate.

Will the new iPhone come with a power brick?

Since the release of the iPhone 12, Apple has made it clear that all its upcoming products will come without a power brick. So, it’s better if you have a power brick beforehand or you can always buy a new one.

As of now, the iPhone SE 3 will only be shipped with:

  • The device - iPhone SE 3.
  • A lightning cable.
  • Official documentation and warranty proof.

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When will the iPhone SE 3 finally launch

As per trusted sources, the iPhone SE 3 was supposed to release this year(2021) but it was eventually called off due to a prevalent pandemic. But, we can expect the device to be launched in the first half of 2022.

Hope we could enlighten you enough about this new device. We will be back soon with more exciting updates and articles. Until then, Stay tuned. Good Day!