Netflix Rumoured to Move into Gaming With Apple Arcade-Style Bundle


  • Netflix is rumored to be considering a move into the gaming business.
  • The firm is on the lookout for seasoned gaming industry executives.
  • The company hasn't yet revealed its intentions, but it aims to expand its digital entertainment offerings.

On Friday, the information revealed that Netflix had approached veteran game industry executives about joining the company, which sparked speculation about the plans.

According to the news, the streaming behemoth wants to expand its library of series and films to include various sports. Netflix will also look to recruit a senior executive with experience in the video game business as part of its diversification strategy.

The video game subscription plan will be similar to Apple Arcade, which offers subscribers unlimited access to its range of games. With the increase in TV-MA content and TV 14 Films on Netflix, the gaming industry is expected to see a similar shift in content quality.

According to an April report by consulting firm Accenture, Netflix's expansion will open up a fresh and highly lucrative revenue source for the streaming giant, with the global gaming industry already topping $300 billion.

Netflix has never been shy regarding its love of video games and digital entertainment in general. The Los Santos company has also dabbled in immersive footage of Black Mirror Bandersnatch, a film in which the audience makes decisions instead of the protagonist.

Netflix released You vs. Wild, an immersive adventure series, in a similar vein. Simultaneously, the world's leading video-on-demand service has launched many video game versions of its flagship series, including Stranger Things and Casa De Papel.

"We've constantly expanded our offering — from dramas to documentaries, film, local language originals, and reality TV," a Netflix spokesperson told AFP.

Interactive shows like Bandersnatch and You vs. Wild, as well as games focused on Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel, and To All the Boys, offer our members a closer link to the stories they love. We're looking forward to doing more immersive entertainment."

Netflix is no stranger to video games, having previously aired shows focused on franchises like Castlevania and Dragon's Dogma. It also has Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness on the way, the animated League of Legends series coming this fall, and the 3D animated Sonic the Hedgehog show Sonic Prime in 2022, the live-action Assassin's Creed series in development with Ubisoft.

If Netflix decides to join the gaming market, it can face challenges similar to Stadia. With Amazon Game Studios, Amazon is already learning its own gaming lesson.

Amazon has already canceled one game and shelved another after re-entering it into beta, but it remains hopeful that it's New World MMO will be successful.

Netflix will have to look to its rivals for insight into why some of the world's largest tech firms have failed to achieve significant gaming success.

On the other hand, Microsoft continues to prosper in the same space thanks to its massive, dedicated gaming division.