We all use the Messages app on our Apple handsets daily as it is a great way to keep in touch with our loved ones and our office colleagues. And one of the best features of the Messages app is to allow the users to mute a few conversations that they don’t wish to respond to or don’t want to receive notifications for. This way, the handset users can continue receiving and replying to the messages that they want to while not being bombarded by the messages of the individuals that they don’t wish to interact with.

And although this is a pretty great feature, you will notice that the muted missed messages from the conversations are still counted in the Message’s notification badge count. So, even if you are trying to ignore the messages from a conversation, you can’t completely ignore it as the Messages app will show you unnecessary badge notifications for that specific conversation. What’s even worse is that these missed messages are put together with the other message notifications from conversations that you are interested in.

Don’t worry, there is a perfect solution for this problem in the form of a newly released jailbreak tweak named MShut. Developed by iOS developer udevs, this newly released jailbreak tweak helps you by preventing the muted conversations from affecting the Message app’s badge notification count. So, the Message app won’t show you missed notifications from muted conversations anymore, and you won’t be tricked into believing that you missed out on a message from a conversation you actually care about.

How does this even work? It is quite simple, actually. What MShut does is to mark the messages as read that you have received from the muted conversations. As a result, iOS doesn’t perceive these messages as missed messages anymore and doesn’t take them into count when calculating the notification badge counter.

This is a great way to ignore the messages of the individuals who cannot understand that you don’t want to be messaged. However, there is a slight drawback to this method, particularly if you use the Read Receipts feature. Now, since the tweak marks the missed messages from muted conversations as read so that it isn’t counted in the notification badge count, so the sender will see that their messages are read. As a result, they might think that you are reading all their messages and ignoring them. If you wish to avoid this scenario, it is recommended to switch off read receipts for the messages before you use MShut.

Once you install MShut, you will see a preference pane available in the Settings app where you can make the desired configurations, including:

  • Enable or disable MShut on the device
  • Enable or disable the marking of muted chats as read
  • Marking all the messages read from the Haptic touch menu or the Home Screen’s 3D Touch

You have the option to disable the ‘Mark Muted Chats Read’ option, but then it will defeat the purpose of using this tweak as the muted messages won’t get subtracted from the notification badge counter of the Messages app. So, it is advisable to turn off the read receipts instead.

If you are interested in giving this tweak a trial, then you can download it free of cost from the udevs repository using your favorite package manager. MShut is currently supported on jailbroken iOS 13 devices.