Microsoft: Apple's new App Store Policies are

The feud between Apple and Microsoft is a tale of ups and downs, that started in the early 1990s and has continued to date.

From patent filings to the introduction of new technologies and App Store restrictions. Both the companies have been each other’s biggest critics in terms of innovation.

But, in the January of 2022, this whole fight took a brand new turn when Microsoft openly badmouthed Apple for their new App Store Policies and leaked some unknown information able Apple that might tarnish the goodwill of Apple.

Want to know what happened later?

Well, let’s find out together.

The News:

Microsoft has filed an amicus curiae to support Epic Games' appeal against Apple, claiming the "possible antitrust implications extend far beyond gaming." Interested parties have submitted supporting documents to the court as Epic Games continues to pursue its appeal of the 2021 verdict, which was primarily favorable to Apple.

It is noteworthy that US attorneys general are involved. However, Microsoft is now part of the Epic Games group.

Microsoft's amicus brief, which can be found below, provides a "unique and balanced viewpoint on the legal, economic, and technological concerns this case raises.

" In addition, Microsoft claims it "has an interest" in encouraging the antitrust law as, like Apple, it sells hardware as well as software.

Microsoft joined Epic Games in questioning claimed errors in the trial judge's findings on Apple's "unique gatekeeper's power."

In the words of Microsoft, "online commerce and interpersonal connections funnel significantly, and sometimes exclusively, through iOS devices." "Few organizations have managed the conduit through which many different kinds of commercial activity take place, and possibly never since AT & T monopolized the phone line."

Microsoft talks about what it considers to be the "enormous variety of economic activity" to back its argument that the Epic Games vs. Apple ruling will have "possible antitrust implications and dominance which goes far beyond gaming."

If the initial decision is upheld, Microsoft contends that it will "protect Apple from meritorious antitrust inquiries and promote additional bad conduct." Further, Microsoft declares it believes that "innovation will suffer" because of this.

Apart from the documented antitrust issues regarding Internet Explorer, Microsoft also controls its Xbox console's ecosystem, just as Apple controls its iOS distribution of apps.

Microsoft also plans to purchase Activision/Blizzard as a game development company and a publishing company, establishing itself as the dominant player in the gaming sector.

The company is scheduled to begin responding in March. After that, Apple will begin responding to the request.

As per Apple Insider, Apple's response to the appeal will be announced in March. The original case of Epic Games against Apple that was filed in the month of August 2020 was about Apple's policies within its iOS App Store, which favor the payment method being used.

However, according to Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers' ruling in 2021, Apple should enable developers to integrate external payment buttons and links.

Epic Games is the studio behind a variety of truly amazing games, such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Gears of War.

Why is Microsoft so much against Apple’s new App Store policies?

A variable of factors might be causing this massive feud.

Some of them are:

1. Updated Fees

App Store recently amped up their fees for apps which means low-end developers do not stand a chance to survive on the App Store.

Though higher marginal costs will only allow legitimate apps to function in App Store still, this new fees scheme will be killing a lot of new startups who are in their preliminary phase.

2. Crowding of fake apps on play store and Windows Apps Store

As mentioned earlier, the higher starting fees will cause fake/ scam apps to operate in the App Store thus, it will directly increase the crowding of fake/ scam apps on other apps stores that will slowly start to eat up their credibility.

3. Monopoly

App Store is very highly praised by users, Thus, this new fees structure will act like a screening process that will allow legit apps on their platform.

This process in the long run will eventually attract much more attention from smartphone users over the years and thus, App Store might become a monopoly by slowly killing other Platforms like Play Store and Windows App Store.


And, that’s all you need to know about the feud between Apple and Microsoft regarding the new App Store policies.

We will be back soon will Apple’s take on Microsoft's comment. Until then, stay tuned and keep following us. Good Day!