McDonald's to give away iPhones to new hires

McDonald's, the most popular and oldest fast-food chain of sorts, is known for its quality, versatility, and great food. Every day, millions of Mcdonald's snacks are consumed by many in every part of the world. McDonald's has managed to grow its chain in a large community, and today there is hardly any region that it does not cover.

To manage such a large chain, many people are needed. Such is the recent incident of McDonald Illinois, who are giving away iPhones to recruits if they stay for six months. Read more regarding this in the article below.

About McDonald's new hiring marketing strategy:

McDonald's has used iPhone giveaways as clickbait for employing more people. A McDonald's restaurant in Illinois is very much desperate and in urgent need to hire staff. Therefore they are giving away iPhones to recruits if they stay for six months. The public came to know about this act when a photo went viral on Twitter through a user @brogawd.

The photo had a sign which was placed on a window of the restaurant reading 'Now hiring. Free iPhone'. The sign also added that staff needs to work at the chain for at least six months and need to meet certain, unspecified 'employment criteria' to be eligible. A staff member at the restaurant in Altamont, Illinois, nearby Effingham, also confirmed that the sign was authentic and belonged to the store.

Though what is the exact eligibility criteria that need to be met were not explained, however the offer so placed was true and correct. McDonald's took this step as the fast-food chain was ramping up their recruitment, and they added this often happened during summers. The authorities of Mcdonald's also said that individual restaurants were offering a range of benefits, including pay incentives, such as appreciation pay, sign-on and referral bonuses, and paid time off.

Why McDonald's is a popular fast-food chain?

McDonald's for years now has been the most favorite fast-food chain of many people. It is because of the quality of food that they give and taste. McDonald's is a fast-food chain and has many varieties of snacks that will make your heart and mind go gala. No doubt why this fast-food chain is ramping up so progressively in every city, state, and country.

McDonald's today has thousands of chains opened in many places. The workforce of Mcdonald's is not less than a company. McDonald's has recruited thousands of employees who work in this fast-food chain and become a part of this progressively doubling fast-food chain. No doubt why marketing schemes of sorts and like the one mentioned in this article, are used to increase employment in areas why the workforce is relatively less.


McDonald's is the most popular fast-growing snack chain which is loved by all. McDonald's recently adopted a marketing and employment strategy to attract recruits. McDonald's shall be giving away iPhones to recruits after 6 months of employment. Additionally, recruits have to take care that they meet eligibility criteria to get the same.