Let’s face it, text editing has always been a little difficult to manage on an iOS platform and while it was definitely upgraded with the iOS 13 release, a few users complain that Apple could have done it differently so that it was more user-friendly.

Well, this is still possible but with the help of a new, free jailbreak tweak release known as Marker which was developed by iOS developer MiRO. This jailbreak tweak will completely change how you move the cursor and select text on your iOS devices. Using developer’s own words, Marker is not simply an alternative to the iOS’ native trackpad feature which makes moving around the cursor and selecting bits of text in an entire text body easier as you simply have to tap and drag on the keyboard, but it also works as a good alternative to the SwipeSelection tweak.

According to what we know so far about SwipeSelection tweak, it is made up of slightly messy codes so the developer decided to start afresh for a slick user experience and discontinued the work on the older tweak. You should also note that Marker supports iOS’ native Slide to Type feature and works pretty well with SwipeExtenderX as well along with other jailbreak tweaks that work when the user swipes on the keyboard interface. How does this happen?

Well, this is done with the help of highly configurable activity zones and planned executions. Once you install Marker, a dedicated preference pane is added to the Settings app so that the users can tweak it to suit their needs. In the settings app, you can perform the following functions:

  • Turn on or off Marker when needed
  • Choose an Activation mode for using the tweak. You can choose to swipe the keyboard’s edges or somewhere inside the keyboard
  • Select an Activation area from the following options: all keyboard area to move the cursor, all keyboard area to select the text, top keyboard area to move the cursor and bottom keyboard area to select the text, and top keyboard area to select the text and bottom keyboard area to move the cursor.
  • Adjust the speed of the cursor using the slider
  • Manage the aviation distance using the slider
  • Manage the keyboard area settings – turn on or off the area indicators and configure the top area parameters with the help of +/- buttons
  • Turn off Apple’s native trackpad feature
  • Turn on or off the keyboard fading effect
  • Show the selection-based Action menu after text selection
  • Reset to the default settings
  • Respring the device to save the changes made

One of the best things about Marker is how easy it is to configure it in such detail. So, you can choose how to select text or move the cursor to make it easier for you while taking notes on your iPhone.

If you are interested in getting this tweak, then you can download it for free from MiRO’s repository using their favorite package manager. This tweak is currently supported on jailbroken iOS 13 and 14 devices and a support for iOS 12 is on the way soon.