MagSafe fishing locates and recovers iPhone 12 Pro dropped in canal

A homemade fishing line tied to a powerful magnetic substance was used by a Berlin resident to successfully locate and retrieve his friend's iPhone 12 Pro, which had fallen into a muddy canal. Thanks to MagSafe, a strong ring of magnets integrated into the back of the iPhone 12 series surrounding the wireless charging coil, the magnetic fishing rod was able to attract the phone.

Apple created the MagSafe to attach MagSafe devices like wireless chargers, but the clever Berliner put it to good use. Frederik Riedel, an app developer, shared the news on Twitter. Riedel claims that his friend dropped his iPhone 12 Pro accidentally in a 3-foot deep muddy ditch and groped through the mud unsuccessfully in quest of the phone.

They came up with the creative answer by creating a magnetic material that could be attached to a fishing rod. The homemade magnetic fishing pole was then thrown into the canal in search of the iPhone, which was submerged.

The gadget was obviously trapped in the muck, but thanks to the taut line formed by the magnetic fishing rod when it came into touch with the iPhone, the man successfully retrieved the iPhone 12 Pro from the muddy canal's bottom.

Not only did the two discover their lost iPhone, but they also recovered a lost Nintendo Switch during their first effort at searching in the ocean. Regrettably, it did not appear to be in working order.

Although this isn't the first time the MagSafe technology has been used to 'fish' for iPhones, it is clever to locate something that would otherwise be considered irrecoverable.

While creating unique techniques to retrieve smartphones has been around for a long time, MagSafe now offers a better alternative to improvised broom and string gadgets in the event that another iPhone 12 Pro falls into the water.

The Apple iPhone has proven to be quite resistant to being submerged in water for extended periods. Earlier this year, we reported that a lucky visitor in Taiwan had recovered his Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, which he had lost into the Sun Moon Lake a year before.

Though the waterproof pouch has borne the brunt of the weather, the iPhone 11 Pro Max remains completely functional. It was discovered in the lake when the waters had retreated due to Taiwan's drought, providing for a better view of the lake bed.

We've heard many stories of iPhones demonstrating their survival skills in difficult environments, but this is undoubtedly the first. All iPhone 12 series smartphones include MagSafe capability, and the manufacturer even released MagSafe accessories at the time of their release.

Around the wireless charging coil, MagSafe has an array of magnets that are optimized for alignment and efficiency. MagSafe chargers deliver up to 15W of power while still allowing Qi-enabled devices to charge.