MacBook: How they might be different in future

Modern-day MacBooks have seen a lot of changes over the years to look what they look today.

From the removal of ports to the removal of the glowing Apple logo, the introduction of Thunderbolt ports, the new keyboard design, and once again the renewal of the ports, the MacBooks have undergone some major design and internal changes.

But, with the arrival of the Macbook Pro 2021, Apple might have just kickstarted a new era of MacBooks.

From curved panels to a more symmetric design, from weightlessness to bulky build, and of course renewal of ports. The MacBook Pro 2021 has been a revelation. It has been an icon of change.

And, in today’s article, we are going to talk about how this one single change of design might pave way for a whole new generation of Macbooks.

Thus, without further ado.

Let us begin…

The News:

Apple is developing a new Magic Keyboard that will come with a Mac built-in. According to a new patent application that was discovered via AppleInsider, Apple may announce the launch of a Mac that has an integrated keyboard. It is known as "a computer in an input device.

" It is claimed to function in the same way as its predecessor, the Apple Mac mini, with a display, keyboard, and mouse. However, with the device that is mentioned in the patent, you'll just need a display to run a Mac configuration.

In the patent, it is suggested the device being developed will be larger and taller than the currently available Apple Magic Keyboard.

There are several sources in the patent application that indicate this device can be used in a portable manner too. A mention in the application for patents is that "a computing device can fold around an axis."

The device could also include an antenna that could be used for a wireless connection to the internet.

The application further states that the device which resembles a keyboard will have various sections to fit into specific components. "A strong demand for portable computing devices which also deliver high performance" is the description of the patent application.

The patent also confirms that various components like processors, batteries, memory, integrated circuits, and many more are being made in smaller sizes to create slim and lightweight mobile computing gadgets.

Three inventors are recognized for filing the patent. It is essential to note the fact that Brett W. Degner is one of the three inventors. Degner has already made patent applications to patent an iMac built from a single piece of glass.

The technologies that Apple exhibits through its patent application may not always make it into the final product.

If Apple is planning to integrate the technology into future Macs, however, it could take a couple of years.

As of today, there are no public announcements from the company on the product.

New MacBooks may get a major makeover

The M2 processor announcement will bring many expected changes to the MacBook range, including new M2-equipped models of both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro to be announced this year.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air was among the first products to receive its M1 processor, due to launch in the second quarter of 2020.

With a powerful processor and an impressive battery life, we've seen this was a huge victory for Apple's brand new device. And it will likely be among the first devices to be equipped with the M2 processor.

Gurman claims that big things are in store for the ultra-compact laptop and reports that the model to be released in 2019 will receive its "biggest MacBook Air redesign in the product's history."

Additionally, a well-known leaker, Jon Prosser, reports that the MacBook Air will come in many different colors, just as we've seen in the previous 2021 iMac. However, the design updates don't end there.

The leaks also suggest an updated squared-off design that eliminates the wedge-shaped profile and adds the possibility of USB 4 ports as well as the MagSafe charger, in addition to a notched display, similar to the one on the 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro laptops.

The famously thin MacBook is predicted to be lighter and slimmer than it has ever been but may not be referred to as the "Air" in the future. This information should be taken with a pinch of salt, however.

A lot of leaks spring from those working in the supply chain who don't know the brand name of the product and might only be working with a small portion of the final product.

MacBook Pro

According to 9to5Mac, Gurman has predicted that a basic MacBook Pro will also be unveiled to replace the model currently powered by M1.

Alongside the new M2 processor, the brand new MacBook Pro would ditch the TouchBar and come with the increased port options that have been added to all current MacBook Pro models.

This model could be the new budget MacBook Pro, with a cheaper price than the more expensive M1 Pro and M1 Max models.

Other changes could include smaller storage capacity as well as displays without mini LEDs and ProMotion technology.

In addition, the brand new MacBook Pro could be positioned between the less-expensive MacBook Air and the more luxurious 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models already being offered.

Apple Desktops

For desktops, Gurman believes that numerous new Macs are due shortly, including models sporting the more robust M1 Pro and M1 Max found in the most recent MacBook Pro laptops, along with new processors to be revealed.

The M2 chip or the more significant M1 Max, the rumored CPUs, could bring about significant changes to Mac desktops.

Mac mini

The first of many Mac mini-reports is that it will include Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, extending the Mac mini range with higher-powered CPUs already in use.

The initial M1 processor was introduced to the desktop in the Mac mini in the latter half of 2020. However, early indications suggest the M2 processor might be coming to the smallest Mac first.

Prosser says they believe that the Mac mini may also be receiving a major redesign, moving away from the current all-metal style to a slimmer chassis with a thinner overall design and a similar top panel.

Even leakers aren't sure about this, so be cautious about what you believe.

The new design may include a wider choice of ports, including the addition of four Thunderbolt connections, two USB ports, as well as Ethernet, wired Ethernet, and HDMI output, in addition to an upgraded electrical power plug.

How can Apple kick-start this change?

The whole concept of redesigning MacBooks might sound easy on paper but, it's a lot more than you or we can think of.

So, the most logical step for Apple right now might be adding the notch to every upcoming MacBook and from there move on to other stages like a renewal of ports and changing of keyboard layout.

Winding Up

And that’s it… that’s all we have to share about the future of MacBooks.

Thank you for bearing with us. Hope you enjoyed your read. We will be back soon with more great topics to discuss and share. But, until then. Stay tuned and have a Good Day!