M1 iPad Pro vs. 2020 iPad Pro: Which is Better

Ever since the new M1 iPad Pro has launched, many tech experts and reviewers have been writing and making review videos on it. These videos are educational, and at the same time, they elaborate on many features that users can witness as unique once.

However, many came up with such videos, even when iPad Pro 2020 was launched.

Compared to the 2020 launch, is iPad Pro 2021 worth the hype and use? If you have been searching for answers to similar questions, then you have landed in the correct place! Unraveling various points about the comparison of the 2021 and 2020 M1 iPad Pro model are enlisted in this space.

M1 iPad Pro vs. the 2020 iPad Pro, which is better?

When compared to the 2020 model, there indeed have certain changes in the latest model. For instance, the 2021 model features an upgraded M1 chip that’s faster. It has a new center stage option, which is powered by an Ultra-Wide front-facing camera. It also has an improved mini-LED display which improves connectivity with peripherals.

iPad has become important more than ever for those who are adapting to the new work-from-home working styles and kids who learn at home. Keeping in hindsight these reasons, Apple has revealed its latest iteration of the iPad Pro line. The hardware is updated, and it has the same 11 inches to 12.9-inch screen size.

However, this does not mean that the iPad 2020 version was any less than the latest lineup. Those who want to change their previous iPads, and want to go for new ones might consider buying the latest 2021 model. But the question remains the same, is it worth buying? Considering the latest advancement and few upgrades made in M1 iPad Pro 2021, it is expected that this upgrade is a start point for the upcoming lineups.

If you have been using a more advanced version, then considering a buy is harmless. Moreover, the new model gives better speed and operation. It can be used for various home and office purposes with the promise of Apple technology.

Features of Apple iPad Pro 2021:

The new iPad Pro 2021 has the following specification,

  • An upgraded M1 power biochip for excellent speed and performance.
  • Next-level performance and custom technologies like advanced image signal Processing.
  • Unified M1 memory architecture, with thin and light all-day battery life.
  • XDR liquid retina, to the extreme.
  • It has an 8-core CPU and 50% faster performance with 40% faster graphics.
  • This enables building intricate AR models, and one can enjoy playing console-gaming quality on iPad.


Buyers are slightly confused about whether the M1 iPad Pro 2021 model is any better than the 2021 model and whether it is worth the buy and hype. This article is curated in an attempt to throw light on the various features existing in the 2021 model. Know about the latest technology and enjoy the iPad Pro.