How to use AI-powered templates in the Luminar image editor

Powered templates in the luminar image editor can help you achieve amazing results easily. The artificial intelligence present in the Luminar image editor helps understand the strength and weaknesses of every image. It also automatically corrects the flaws and enhances multiple images at once.

What is Luminar AI?

Luminar is fully artificial intelligence and machine learning program in Mac windows photo editor. It was developed by Skylum, and it helps in understanding the strength and weaknesses of images.

The artificial intelligence in the luminar image editor helps detect flaws and automatically correct them with only a few clicks.

How do AI-powered templates in Luminar work?

The app automatically picks templates using artificial intelligence. This feature is very helpful as it saves a lot of time, and you do not have to go through hundreds of templates to select the best one for your image.

The batch editing is also supported, which helps the user achieve a shared look in all the image templates. The feature of the app also identifies the problematic areas and objects of interest in the picture.

It also suggests template-based improvement. The best thing about this is it allows customization of the template and creates a unique look.

How to use AI-powered templates in the Luminar image editor?

Using the AI-powered template is very simple. You can scroll through various suggestions, which are grouped into collections of live portraits. These collections are based on AI suggestions that enhance the image. You can use automatic features or make corrections manually to edit the template.

To use an AI-powered template, open a photo and go to the template tab. It will automatically display the suggestions below the picture. In case you switched an image, the template will also change. You can scroll to all the suggestions to bring out the best from the image. Once you have selected and edited the template, you can click done.


AI is a very powerful tool, and luminar image editors use it to bring out the best from a picture and create unique and amazing pictures.