PongoOS running on an M1-equipped Mac

If you have been following the jailbreak community for a while, then I am sure you are aware of Luca Todesco from the checkra1n team who has several hacking achievements. Luca has shown several times that he has amazing hacking skills and today, he did it again. On Saturday, Luca shared a series of tweets consisting of photographs where you can notice pongoOS running on the Apple’s brand new M1 chip-equipped Mac device.

In the first tweet, you will notice that Luca shows the initial testing of pongoOS on the M1-equipped Mac while the second image tweet shows the fully working pongoOS boot on the same device. We all know checkra1n team for their work on the checkra1n jailbreak tool but PongoKit is something that they have been working on for a while too. It was first launched by the checkra1n team last February in the hope that it would help the team to take forward the deployment of the other platforms on the checkm8 vulnerable iOS devices.

Before this launch, Luca had teased several instances of pongoOS being deployed on different systems such as Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar. Moreover, he was also able to run Linux on the iPhone with the help of pongoOS which is quite impressive.

But today, he has managed to amaze everyone around the world again. He showed us his crazy hacking skills by making Apple’s latest chip, M1, appear completely vulnerable. Currently, Apple uses M1 chips in its lower-pricing Macbook Air and Macbook Pro models instead of the Intel chip that the company used to use previously in similar models.

Although we still have to see what pongoOS is capable of on a M1-equipped Mac, we can rest assured that if pongoOS can be used to run Linux on iPhone, then the same would be possible on Mac as well, if not more.

You can find all the details on how Todesco made pongoOS to work on the M1-equipped Mac on the Github page. So, if you would like to make some changes and develop your own version, you know where to start from. But let’s be serious, this feat is more in the territory of advanced users so, unless you are an experienced developer or computer expert, we would advise you to steer clear of the code.

Anyway, it is great to see Apple’s latest system on a chip and that it can be tweaked. This just shows that there are more such breakthroughs to expect in the future as well. What do you think? Excited to know whether pongoOS works on the Apple’s M1-equipped Mac? Let us know what you think in the comments below!