Apple Music for Android to offer Lossless Audio feature soon

Apple Music for Android hints at the upcoming lossless audio feature's imminent launch.

At the beginning of this month, it was rumored that Apple is going to launch its third-generation AirPods and Apple Music HiFi. But as per the sources, the android version of Apple Music is receiving some changes and updates soon.

As per the details, we are soon going to see lossless audio features on Android Apple Music. An APK teardown is performed by 9to5Google on the Apple Music 3.6 beta version.

If you are encountered with apk teardown for the first time. Here are the complete details about the teardown of an application.

What is an APK teardown?

The teardown is a process of decrypting the android application machine-level language to high-level language with the help of reverse engineering. By converting them, they are available in a human-readable format, so the codes can be read.

It enables a developer to review the code, analyze deeper and check the compatibility of the application.

Generally, they are performed by QA engineers to check the application efficiency.

Teardown cracks and opens the application from within. It reveals the codes and features that are not live yet by the developer. Also, an unfinished code can lead to change or misleading before the final launch of the application.

There are software and tools available in the market to perform the teardown of an application.

As per the sources, 9to5Google performed a teardown on the beta version of the android Apple music application and found out some concrete evidence about the lossless audio features on the app.

The codes explain the lossless audio features, while the other codes explained that more data would be consumed while streaming or downloading the lossless files.

From the beta version:

"Lossless audio files will contain the details of the original file. Enabling this will consume more data."

"Lossless files will consume more storage of the phone. 10GB will store 3000 songs in high quality, 1,000 songs with lossless, and 200 with high resolution lossless.

"Depending on the availability of songs, network speed, and hearing devices, a 3-minute song will consume- 1.5MB in high efficiency, 6MB with high quality at 256kbps, 36MB with lossless at 24bit/48KHz, and 145MB with high resolution lossless at 24bit/192kHz."

It is evident that right now, Apple Music on Android devices supports up to 256kbps AAC format. Since other music streaming platforms are launching similar features this year, Apple also dived in the race.

Wrapping Up

Apart from the Android Apple Music update, it was also rumored that Apple is going to launch its AirPods 3 and Apple Music HiFi on May 18. However, it is not yet confirmed. It is now visible that Apple is planning to launch various updates on music and audio hardware. Right now, nothing is confirmed, and an official announcement is yet to announce.

This is going to be a thrilling time for all the Apple Music lovers who will be going to see Apple Music HiFi and lossless audio in the next launch.