LeBron James Spotted Wearing yet-to-be-released Beats Studio Buds

LeBron is wearing Beats by Dre.

What you should know:

  • The Beats Studio Buds, which will be released later this year, have been sighted in the wild.
  • LeBron James, an NBA player, is already sporting the yet-to-be-released wireless earbuds.

James looks to be sporting the unreleased (and still unnamed) Beats Studio Buds in a sequence of images shared to his Instagram account. The basketball player appeared to be wearing the new Studio Buds in White, as shown in the photographs below. The earphones are planned to be available in two colors: black and red.

The Beats Studio Buds' design was initially leaked last week.

"These live photographs show the design of Apple's Beats brand's new true wireless earbuds. It's almost identical to the FCC listing we saw, as well as what we have in iOS 14.6. The in-ear design of these buds is comparable to that of competitor goods such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

"Looking at the fresh photographs with the leaked design, we can see that they're round in shape, feature an in-ear design, and two cutouts on each bud. These cutouts are most likely used to house numerous sensors. The charging case looks identical to the AirPods Pro, except instead of a blank slate, it has a Beats logo on the front. On the front of the case, an LED charging indication makes it simple to see the current charging status."

The Beats Studio Buds appear to be totally wireless, similar to the AirPods, and are expected to have Apple's H1 chip for seamless pairing.

"Apple is developing on new headphones under the Beats name named "Beats Studio Buds," according to internal iOS 14.6 files. These are totally wireless earphones that come with a smart charging case, just like AirPods.

"According to our findings, the Beats Studio Buds will include an Apple chip for fast pairing and the "Hey, Siri" functionality. Beats' new earbuds will be significantly smaller than the current Powerbeats Pro. Noise Cancellation will be included in the Beats Studio Buds, according to the codes."

When will the Beats Studio Buds be formally revealed or released is yet uncertain. Check out our selection of the Best Genuine Wireless Earbuds 2021 if you're looking for some true wireless headphones right now.