Kumquat Jailbreak update

Kumquat gives jailbreakers the customizable Now Playing widget they deserve

The now playing interface on the iPhone screen looks pleasing. With every update, the company makes little changes to make it more aesthetic and interactive for the user. However, you can also customize the now playing lock screen interface if you have a jailbroken iPhone. Here is how you can change the now playing interface with the new customizable widget.

Jailbreak iPhones get all the full feature to alter their phones in any way they want. And the iOS developers don't miss any chance to bring customizable widgets and themes for the user. Sometimes, having the Apple default interface seems boring, but these widgets make it more interesting and enjoyable for the user.

Similarly, iOS developer Galactic Dev released a new jailbreak tweak named Kumquat. With this, users can customize the interface in different styles, which are there in the widget, and enjoy their music playback. Jailbreakers always try to bring exceptional features to the iPhone.

What are in Kumquat?

There are four different sizes of playback interfaces present in Kumquat. Each one of them will take a particular size in your lock screen. Indeed, the smaller widget won't come with many features, but as the size gets increases, the widgets are loaded with features. The smaller size widget will create space for other notification panels while the larger one takes up the entire screen.

The smaller widget will display the name, album art, and the three playback buttons play, forward, and backward. It is designed like a normal notification panel and won't trouble the other incoming notifications on the screen.

There is two medium-size playback widget available, and both are quite similar. Like a smaller widget, you'll get to see the playback button and song details; in addition, you'll get to seek the play seek bar.

You can choose the widgets based on the position of the seek bar.

The last large widget will take up the entire screen, and you might not like this one. Like the other two sizes, it will contain the album art at the top in full size. In addition, you will find a volume seeks bar at the bottom. You can control the volumes right from the lock screen. However, you won't get any space for the incoming notifications.

How to apply the Kumquat widget?

Once you have installed the widget, go to the Settings app on your iPhone and find the dedicated section for the widget.

The widgets include:

  • Enable and Disable Kumquat.
  • Choosing the interface style: Normal, Large, Compact, No volume, and No scrubber.
  • Enable and Disable presets.
  • Adding a new preset and editing an existing preset.
  • Enable or Disable the layouts if notifications are present.


The Kumquat is available free on the GitHub repository. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, then you can download it from the repository. The widget is supported on iOS 14 devices. Having a customizable playback widget will give you a pleasing experience along with enjoying the music.