JellyLock Reborn Jailbreak

Heard of JellyLock? No? Well, don’t worry because we will tell you more about it. This was a popular jailbreak tweak and is from the time when jailbroken iPhone users could enjoy Android-inspired app launcher from their iPhone’s Lock Screen.

When it was first released, JellyLock became instantly popular and it clearly showed that how much the Apple users wanted these kind of shortcuts on their handsets. Currently, Apple devices offer shortcuts for Camera and Flashlight but that is pretty much it. This is why we are so excited to share with you JellyLock Reborn that has been released by iOS developer MegaDev who improved this tweak and made it accessible for the iOS users.

If you have used JellyLock, then you will find that the interface of JellyLock Reborn looks similar to the original tweak although it has a modernized interface that matches the iOS interface. When the device is idle, a hollow circle appears at the bottom center of the iPhone’s Lock Screen which resembles a joystick. When you place your finger on this circle and drag it to a specific app icon and then release the finger to launch the app that you selected. Sounds easy, right?

After you have installed JellyLockReborn, you will find a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app to configure this jailbreak tweak. Here, you will get the following configuration options:

  • Turn JellyLock Reborn on or off
  • Configure the appearance of the tweak
  • Configure the app icons and the shortcuts that are a part of the JellyLock Reborn interface
  • Reset to default options
  • Respring the device to save the changes


In the Appearance preference pane, you can do the following:

  • Allow or disallow blurred background
  • Hide or display the native Lock Screen Quick Action buttons
  • Manage the grabber size using the slider
  • Select the custom color for the grabber and the outer circle


In the Apps preference pane, you can choose five favorite apps to display on the JellyLock Reborn interface.


In the Shortcuts preference pane, you can do the following:

  • Configure a left shortcut from the options – None, Unlock, Camera, Flashlight, Sentinel, and Play or Pause media
  • Configure the right shortcut with the options shared above

We really love the classic vibes of the JellyLock Reborn interface on our jailbroken iOS 14 devices which is why we feel that a lot of veteran jailbreakers would really like this tweak.

Those interested in getting JellyLock Reborn on their iOS device can do so by paying $1.99 and downloading it from the Packix repository using their favorite package manager. This jailbreak tweak supports iOS 14 devices and is open source so you can get the source code on the developer’s Github page to understand how this tweak works.

Would you be downloading JellyLock Reborn to customize the Lock Screen interface of your iPhone? Let us know what you think about this jailbreak tweak in the comment section below!