Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week

As we wait excitedly for the checkrn1 team to include the support for newer iOS and devices and for other exploits to get released in the future, we keep on stumbling upon amazing jailbreak tweaks every day. And thankfully, there were several notable tweaks released this week that can really make your life easier.

So, here is a list of the jailbreak tweaks to look out for that was released earlier this month. We have started the list with the most popular jailbreak tweaks and have mentioned a few other noteworthy tweaks that our users might be interested in.

Popular Releases this Week


One of the best jailbreak tweaks to check out, BigSnooze allows the users to redesign the iPhone’s alarm UI and replace it with full-screen buttons so that it is easy to handle it when you are sleepy or groggy as well.

Since the buttons take more than half of the screen, it becomes less difficult and frustrating to snooze or stop your alarm in the morning. We have written more about this jailbreak tweak in our detailed review post that you can read to learn about BigSnooze.


An iPhone’s LED flash can always be used as a flashlight as well, especially if you are moving around in the dark. However, Apple doesn’t allow a lot of features and it is only possible to use it as a flashlight by adjusting the lumen output intensity or by turning it on/off.

This is where Tenmetsu comes in handy because it turns your iPhone’s LED flash into a professional flashlight. You get several additional features with it such as SOS mode, strobe mode, etc. which were not available originally to the users.

You can learn more about this amazing jailbreak tweak for iPhone by checking out our full review article.


iBlockX is another top jailbreak tweak release this month that allowed the users to take the Do Not Disturb component of iOS devices to the next level. With this jailbreak tweak, you can allow or block notifications and calls from third-party applications as well and can manage contact-specific rules for a defined time-frame.

You can use this tweak on both pre-installed and third-party apps and have better control over who and how can a contact reach out to them during a day. Read our full review on iBlockX to learn more about this tweak.

Other Releases to Check Out

Apart from the above major releases, we had several other jailbreak tweaks released till now as well.

ModernUI – You can use this jailbreak tweak for getting iPhone Home Bar gestures on the older models that have a Home button

AmongLock – This is a lock screen for iPhone that is inspired by Among Us game.

PerfectSpotify – This tweak allows you to enhance your Spotify app on your iOS devices.

NoColoredDots – With this jailbreak tweak, you can get rid of the colored dots on the Status Bar in iOS 14.

ImpostorConfig – This tweak allows you to configure a custom server for your Among Us games.