Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week

In the past couple of weeks, the jailbreak community has seen a lot of exciting news. We saw checkra1n offering support for A10(X) devices, the release of new exploits, and several jailbreaking tools that make the life of iOS users easier. So, we bring to you a few of the amazing jailbreak tweaks that were released this week and are available for your use.

In this article, we will discuss first the major jailbreak tweaks that were released followed by the other note-worthy tweaks to check out for yourself.

Major Releases


Fuji is a new jailbreak tweak that allows users to enjoy a good multitasking experience by allowing them to minimize and move the app windows on the display screen. As a result, you can now easily open several app windows and close or drag them whenever and wherever you want.

You can interact with each app separately and multitask smoothly n the device.


Do you dislike Twitter’s new Fleet bar? If yes, then this free jailbreak tweak is the best thing to download on your handset. FleetingChances is a new jailbreak tweak that can disable the Fleets bar and hide it from the Twitter app on your handset.

So, if you wish to enjoy the old, no-fleet Twitter app, then install this tweak on your handset.


BattRate is a free jailbreak tweak that shows the users the real-time battery information that the user wants. The tweak will show you the charge/discharge status and will show other details also such as display charge cycle, battery health, and other battery performance information.

You also have the option to choose where the battery information will be displayed on the screen.


If you wish to enhance the Control Center experience on the iPhone, then you can use CCCounters which is a free jailbreak tweak. You can add and modify toggles and modules in the readouts and can even determine when these were used the last time. Moreover, you can use it to add countdown representations to iPhone’s Alarm and Timer modules.

Other Jailbreak Releases

Here are a few other jailbreak releases that you can check out to improve your iPhone experience.

Eliza – With this free tweak, you can easily colorize the Battery Status indicator however you want. This tweak can be downloaded from the wilsonthewolf repository.

AnnoyMe – This jailbreak tweak is free and perfect with fun features that can be used to annoy your friends or family. The tweak can be downloaded via the acutelittlemonster repository.

BattSafePro – Another free tweak, BattSafePro can be used to control the battery charging behavior on your device. You can download it from the udevs repository.

ProjectX – With this jailbreak tweak, you can easily colorize the apps to modify the UI of your iPhone. The cost of this tweak is $1.00 and it can be downloaded via the Twickd repository.

SmartNotifications 2 – This jailbreak tweak can be used to modify the iOS’ notification system and costs $1.99 via the Packix repository.

SafariReader – With an easy gesture, you can now improve the readability of the websites on the Safari web browser. This is a free tweak that can be downloaded via the BigBoss repository.