Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week

A lot of amazing and note-worthy jailbreak tweaks were released this week. And if you have a pwned handset, then you might have come across a few of these jailbreak tweaks too. So, today, we will be sharing a comprehensive list of the latest jailbreak tweak releases and news to keep you updated about the developments in the jailbreak community.

First, we will share the top releases of the week and then the rest of the jailbreak tweak releases.

Top Releases of the Week


Another amazing jailbreak tweak release to check out this week was KBAppDock which is not only quite unique but quite useful too. This tweak allows the users to the fill up the wasted space at the bottom of the keyboard on the pwned handsets by adding app or utility shortcut buttons chosen by the users.

Since these shortcuts can be added by the user personally, it offers a super-personalized user experience. You can get the KBAppDock tweak for free from the Twickd repository.


FreePIP is a free jailbreak tweak that allows the users to expand the use of the iOS’ native Picture in Picture mini player. You can use a pinch-to-zoom gesture to reduce or enlarge the interface, enable or disable auto-snapping to the screen, and a lot more.

This tweak is a great way to get better command over the interface when you are trying to multitask.


One of the top and most interesting jailbreak tweaks to be released in the past couple of months is Emerald. This tweak offers the users with an augmented Status Bar experience including Pills and Widgets that are tucked into the Status Bar and offer the important information whenever it is needed.

You can download this tweak for $2.99 from the Packix repository.

Other Releases of the Week

Apart from the above-mentioned top jailbreak tweaks of the week, we have a few other jailbreak tweak releases this week too that you can check out below.

Colorizer – With this tweak, users can colorize the Settings app however they want to make the interface easier to recognize and fun. This is a free tweak that can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository.

MoonlightSheets – This tweak provides an OLED-friendly dark mode for the Google Sheets app that can be used by the users. It is a free tweak that can be availed from the Twickd repository.

WidgetCustoms – Have you always wanted to personalize the widgets on your jailbroken devices? Then, WidgetCustoms is perfect for you. This tweak gives the users using jailbroken iOS and iPadOS 14 devices a chance to personalize the native and the third-party widgets on the device.

SimulateTouch – This tweak allows the users to set up touch screen tap simulations on their device with the help of any programming language. It is a free tweak that can be downloaded from the Github page of the developer xuan32546.

So, what do you think? Have you tried out any of these tweaks yet? Do let us know in the comments below!