Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week

In the past few weeks, a lot has been happening in the jailbreak community especially since Taurine and unc0ver both offer support to iOS and iPadOS 14 devices. And now, we have Sileo package manager available for all modern jailbreaks too.

So, we will be sharing a few of the top jailbreak tweaks that you might have missed out in all of this excitement. First, we will share the most popular jailbreak tweaks of the week followed by the other useful jailbreak tweaks that you might want to check out.

Read on to know more about these jailbreak tweaks and what they do.

Top Releases of the Week

IntelligentPass 4

IntelligentPass 4 is an amazing jailbreak tweak that lets the iPad and iPhone users to easily skip the passcode or biometric authentication to access their handset when they are in a low-risk environment such as their home.

This jailbreak tweak can be configured to turn on when the device is connected to a specific Wi-Fi network, a Bluetooth device, or for a chosen timeframe.


Another handy jailbreak for iPhone users is Snooze++ that allows the users to specify the snooze durations for the alarms that they set using the native Clock app.


HiddenLock14 is a newly released jailbreak tweak that offers a solution for something that Apple should have provided by now. Basically, what this jailbreak tweak does is that it makes it necessary for the user to authenticate themselves before they can access the Hidden album in the Photos Library app. This way, no random user can access your private photos and videos without your permission.

Other Releases of the Week

Arizona – This jailbreak tweak allows the users to manage the position of the date and time indicator on their device’s Lock Screen. This is a free tweak that you can download from Twickd repository.

BatteryHealthEnabler – With this tweak, you can enable the BatteryHealth preference pane on the unsupported devices to start using it. You can download it for free from Brand0n’s repository.

BattiBar – Use this jailbreak tweak to colorize the Status Bar of your device using a slowly changing gradient color for the battery level indicator. You can get this tweak for free from the Packix repository.

DNDBadges – You can use this jailbreak tweak to turn the notification badges purple on your device when you turn on the Do Not Disturb mode. It is a free jailbreak tweak that you can get via ichitaso repository.

HideDock14 – With the help of this tweak, you can easily hide the Home Screen’s Dock background and can get this tweak for free from babyyoda777’s repository.

Jailbreak Update Checker – Use this jailbreak tweak to check for updates of your jailbreak whenever you want. This tweak can be downloaded for free from the Packix repository.

YTDisableUglySuggestions – This jailbreak tweak removes the suggested videos thumbnails from the end of every video on the official YouTube app. It can be downloaded for free from the BigBoss repository.