Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week

Currently, we have three major jailbreaks that support both iOS 13 and 14 devices. These jailbreaks are checkra1n, Taurine, and unc0ver so a lot of jailbreakers have become active in the community and are looking for jailbreak tweaks that they can download to improve their experience.

If you are one of these jailbreakers too, then this week’s list of jailbreak tweaks is going to help you find the right solution for your jailbroken device. In this week’s roundup, we will be sharing the jailbreak tweaks that were released between 5th April and 11th April. We will start with our favorite releases first followed by the other jailbreak tweaks that were released this week.

Our Favorite Releases of the Week

Velox Reloaded 2

This is a new jailbreak tweak that expands the capabilities of the iOS 14 with a new widget system. Velox Reloaded 2 allows you to do lots more with the existing widgets and it lets you include several new widgets as well that Apple didn’t include out of the box.


With the help of the new ipaddock 14, iPhone and iPod Touch users can enjoy the same Dock experience as the iPad users. This new Dock includes a separate section for the recently used apps that can easily be accessed from the apps along with the Home Screen.


Finally, there is DigitalClock jailbreak tweak that replaces the native animated analog Clock app icon on the Home Screen with a digital icon that is easily customizable.

Other Releases of the Week

AndroBar – This jailbreak tweak adds an Android-inspired quick bar on the jailbroken iPhones and costs $1.50 from the Packix repository.

ByeBackgroundBreadcrumbs – With the help of this jailbreak tweak, you can prevent the breadcrumb links from appearing when the app is no longer being used. This is a free jailbreak tweak that you can get via the Packix repository.

ByeQuickAction – Use this jailbreak tweak to remove the Camera and Flashlight quick action buttons from your Lock Screen. This jailbreak tweak is free from the Packix repository.

HideMePageDots – A jailbreak tweak that, as the name suggests hides the page dots from the Home Screen. You can get this tweak for free from the 0tcQd’s repository.

Uranium – This jailbreak tweak offers users with the option of UI customization on the iOS 13 and 14 devices for free. You can download it from the Packix repository.

Uki – You can give the Sileo package manager app floating depiction page headers with this jailbreak tweak. It can be downloaded for free from biD3V repository.

TimeStamp – You can alternate the time and date display on the Status Bar of your jailbroken devices with this jailbreak tweak. This tweak can be downloaded from free from ETHN’s personal repository.

Spy 2 – Use this jailbreak tweak to spy on the users who borrow your iPhone to ensure they don’t access your private date. Download this tweak for $1.99 from the Packix repository.

ProperCCBackground – You can use this jailbreak tweak to control the blue background of iPadOS when the Control Center is being displayed. This is a free tweak from Brend0n’s repository.

NoPassAfterRespring – With this jailbreak tweak, you can disable the need to enter a passcode after respringing the device. It can be downloaded for free from Brend0n’s repository.