Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week

This week was an exciting one with so many new jailbreak tweaks and news. We also received information about working jailbreak on iOS 14 and release of a new kernel exploit named cicuta_verosa for iOS 14.3 and below devices.

So, in this weekly roundup, we will be sharing the latest jailbreak tweak of the week starting from February 15th to February 22nd. As we usually do, we will start it by talking about the top releases first followed by the remaining jailbreak tweaks that got released this past week.

Top Releases of the Week


This is a new jailbreak tweak that was released so that users can easily color tint the iOS interface of their iPhone or iPad with their favorite color. You can easily use this tweak with several first-party apps and a few third-party apps including the Instagram app.

If you wish to know more about Meredith, then you can learn about it in our complete review.


Are you obsessed with finding the perfect wallpaper for your iPhone? If yes, then this jailbreak tweak is perfect for you. It can be a little difficult to find the right wallpaper that actually looks good on your iPhone but DoABarrelWall is a jailbreak tweak that lets you do exactly that.

This is a new jailbreak tweak that lets the users select more than one wallpaper for their iOS device so that the selected wallpapers will cycle automatically each time you end up unlocking your device or close an app and go to the Home Screen.

Check out our full review on DoABarrelWall to learn more about how this jailbreak tweak actually works.

Other Releases of the Week

Plus for Instagram – This is an all-in-one tweak for Instagram and one can get it for free from the Packix repository.

LeaveMeOff Pro – This jailbreak tweak helps you protect your privacy by keeping your missed notifications out of view and can be availed for $0.90 using the Packix repository.

BaiduMapsGPSCoordinates – You can use this jailbreak tweak to display the GPS coordinates in the Baidu Maps. You can get it free of cost through BigBoss repository.

SecretShot – With the help of this jailbreak tweak, you can easily hide when taking screenshots of recording videos on the SnapChat app.

RingerActions – This tweak lets you to perform your desired action when toggling the ringer/silent switch on their iPhone. This is a free tweak via the Packix repository.

ProGesture – ProGesture is a jailbreak tweak that is used for augmenting the jailbroken iOS 14 devices using modern features and handset gestures. You can get this jailbreak tweak for free via Packix repository.

SplashAdBlock – This jailbreak tweak allows the users to remove ads from the start page of an application and can be downloaded for free using BigBoss repository.

Emoji iOS 14.2 along with iOS 9.3 Pistol – With this jailbreak tweak, users can replace the squirt gun Emoji in iOS 14 with the revolver Emoji in iOS 9. This is a free jailbreak tweak that you can get via jordamm repository.