iTunes: Top 10 Podcasts you can listen to in 2021

Since OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Grabthebeast have announced themselves in the world of entertainment. The craze of web series and podcasts has gone through the roof.

Previously, if you ever wanted to watch a series, you would have to tune in to HBO or CBS and wait for their sitcoms to air. But now everything has changed. Nowadays with a simple Netflix or Amazon Prime membership, you can get your hands on hundreds of binge-worthy web series and podcasts.

As the worldwide audience has shifted its interest from Cable to OTT platforms numerous tech companies have paired up with the OTT providers to provide fresh, genuine content within hours of web release. Today, we are going to talk about something just like that.

In June of 2012, Apple became one of the first companies to incorporate podcasts into their music app iTunes. Since then the viewership count of podcasts has risen like never before. Today iTunes and Apple Music are global leaders in the release of podcasts. So, keeping the spirit of binging alive lets us take a look at the 10 most famous podcasts that you can listen to on iTunes right now.

1) Overheard at National Geographic

National Geographic is one of the biggest infotainment channels in the world that airs its shows throughout the globe. To most viewers, it is like a window that shows us glimpses of nature, people, cultures, technology, and much much more. But have you ever thought “What happens behind the scenes in National Geographic Headquarters?”

Overheard at National Geographic brings to its listeners the deepest conversations about how the organization functions. How do they plan out a show, where and how do they shoot episodes, and how everything is meticulously carried out so the viewers can only get the best glimpse of the world around them. This podcast is a must-watch for infotainment lovers.

2) Call her Daddy

Call her Daddy is by far the boldest and most age-restricted podcast on this list. This podcast speaks about human sexuality and the hook-up culture of the States, especially New York.

Created by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, the podcast has slowly built up a solid fan following among young adults of the US. So, if you are above 18 and ready to listen to something unique, Call her Daddy is the right pick for you.

3) The Joe Rogan Experience

The first comedy podcast on our list, The Joe Rogan Experience is based around the personal conversations of stand-up comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan. In this podcast, Joe Rogan invites numerous celebrity figures and entrepreneurs to his show and interviews them in the most quirky way possible.

Started in 2009, the podcast is loved by thousands globally and also has been nominated for the People’s Choice Awards multiple times. So, if you like to laugh and learn simultaneously this podcast is for you.

4) The Daily

The Daily is a daily news podcast by the New York Times. Where they bring to you various bits of news, current affairs, interviews, celebrity gossip, facts, and much more. Half an hour of The Daily every day and you will never have the need to look at a magazine or newspaper again.

5) Crime Junkie

You can understand by the name itself that Crime Junkie is a crime thriller podcast that you can listen to right now. The episodes of Crime Junkie portray the stories of infamous serial killers, mobsters, and criminals who reached celebrity status thanks to their offenses.

Aired every Monday, this podcast is hosted by Ashley Flowers and drives to provide you the story of such criminals and how they should deal with someone who shows similar symptoms of mental instability.

6) The Ben Shapiro Show

Now we move onto political satires with The Ben Shapiro Show. This podcast especially targets the political sphere of the States and broadly speaks about what the current government and its oppositions are up to. Hosted by none other than Ben Shapiro himself, this podcast is extremely famous among the masses and has one of the highest listener counts in the podcast industry.

In this podcast, you might also find Ben talking to various federal representatives, politicians, and common people and talking about the world of politics like never before. If you love hot political gossip then you should not miss The Ben Shapiro Show.

7) Nice White Parents

Racism has been one of the most talked-about topics in today’s world. Every year numerous people fall into the hands of bad judgment due to their skin color and ethnicity. Thus, Nice White Parents shows us how racial equity should be reached.

Nice White Parent proposes a revamped system of Schooling that will provide every student equal rights and opportunity despite their skin color. The podcast also talks about White Parents who often become a barrier in the goal to reach racial equality and oneness.

8) The Clearing

Crime and Thrillers have fascinated humans for decades. Whether it be the tales of Sherlock Holmes set in the early 1900s to brand new detective stories of Vice, we love a good crime story. The Clearing is among those jewels of a true-crime podcast that everyone should listen to at least once.

The podcast portrays the story of April Balascio who accidentally finds out that her father is a serial killer who has cold-bloodedly killed multiple people over the years. The Clearing tells us how April reacted to everything and how she has lived her life since the day she made this shocking discovery.

9) Relative Unknown

Another heavyweight thriller podcast on iTunes. Relative Unknown has one of the most compelling storylines we ever came across. The podcast portrays the life and adventure of Jackee Talyor who has been hidden from the world under the Witness Protection Program of the US Federal system as she is the lone eye-witness of a dangerous crime.

After 40 years under Witness Protection Jackee suddenly becomes curious about her past and wants to know about what happened to her family and friends. This podcast is a true merge of great storytelling and unmatched voiceovers. We highly recommend everyone to listen to Relative Unknown.

10) Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers

It’s the second time Ashley Flowers made her way into our list. In Very Presidential Ashley talks about the President of the USA and how he should be running the world’s most powerful country. The podcast speaks about the powers of the President, their duties, and how they operate under turbulent times.

Uncover juicy tales about some of the past presidents and how their deeds and decisions have either helped the prosper or downfall of the US.

And those were the top 10 podcasts that you should definitely give a try. Hope you liked the article and we will be back soon with more compelling content. Until then, stay tuned, and Happy Binging everyone!