Its the 5th Anniversary of Apples Mac Renaissance!!!

The MacBooks are a true example of modern tech. Powerful, Stylish, and durable the MacBook has carved its name as one of the most recognizable and worthwhile laptops for over a few decades now. But, did you know that this wasn’t always the case?

There was once a time when MacBooks sucked. By sucked we mean really sucked.

But, something happened that changed the course of history, and in today’s article, we will learn how and what this change was that shaped the perfect present for MacBook.

The News: Apple for Professionals, and more!

Five years ago, the Mac range was in poor condition. It's been more than three years since Apple made some changes in its Mac Pro with a sleek but restricted "trash container" enclosure. And Apple's iMac, MacBook Air, and Mac mini had also been copy-pasted for several years without any updates.

In the early days, certain users began to doubt whether Apple was still firmly committed to the Mac, particularly in the upper echelon of the marketplace.

The criticism resulted in Apple convening a meeting with a select group of journalists, during which it apologized to users of the pro-Mac and assured them that it would continue to support the Mac.
In a unique and unexpected move, Apple also pre-announced it was working on the development of a "completely revamped" Mac Pro with a modular design, a completely new Pro-level iMac, and the introduction of a new display for professionals.

The event, which was revealed to the public just five years ago, included Apple's former chief of marketing, Phil Schiller, software engineering chief Craig Federighi, and then-VP for hardware engineering, who is now Senior Vice President, John Ternus.

"The Mac Pro, which is currently available for purchase, was a thermally constrained model, as we've mentioned in other articles. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the limited ability to upgrade it. We're sorry to disappoint our customers who wanted it. Hence, we've asked the team to redesign and create something unique to come soon for Mac Pro customers who wish for more excellent expandability and better upgradeability shortly. This will meet those demands. Additionally, Schiller also apologizes to Mac users.

To claim that Apple kept its word wasn't an exaggeration. The company not only made Apple unveil an open-ended Mac Pro and the since-discontinued iMac Pro, but it has also finally eliminated the infamous butterfly keyboard that was used on MacBooks, revealing its game-changing shift into Apple silicon. Additionally, they introduced a wide range of ports for the latest MacBook Pro models, giving users a completely new choice within Apple Studio, Mac Studio, and more.

5th Anniversary of Apple's Apology for the MacPro's lack of Upgradability

Apple invited a select group of journalists to Cupertino on the 3rd of April 2017 for an open discussion on what the future holds for the Mac.

Apple announced to its customers that it had rearranged Mac Pro configurations and pricing. However, the most significant announcement was that they're working on a "completely overhauled" Mac Pro that features a modular design. The brand-new Mac Pro, which won't launch until the end of 2022, will be Apple's top-of-the-line, high-throughput, most efficient system.

Apple has announced that it will launch the Mac Pro with an external display that is Apple-branded and specifically designed for professionals.

It's not often Apple announces new products that are in the pipeline. However, there was growing concern that Apple didn't care anymore about the needs of professional users. Apple's method of showing the opposite. Throughout the whole media conference on the 3rd of April, 2017, Apple stated that it is loyal to Mac and professional users.

At Apple's April 3rd media conference, Phil Schiller, Apple's marketing head, apologized for the "pause in updates and upgrades" for the Mac Pro and promised that Apple would come up with "something amazing" for it to take over.