Is Titanium the future of iPads?

The new iPhone 13 has finally been announced. It is a glorious device with, new design, better cameras, better processor. But, the materials used for iPhones seem to have been the same for ages, Right? It’s now been over a decade that iPhones are made of stainless steel. Whereas, Android mobiles have moved from plastic to metal, metal to carbon fiber, and whatnot.

So, a question remains. Will Apple ever change the base materials of iPhones? Will they change the chassis from stainless steel/ auminium to something sturdier, like Titanium? Well, the answer may surprise you.

Apple is allegedly considering using titan metal instead of aluminum to make the iPad chassis, substantially enhancing the tablet's poor stiffness and addressing one of its most visible flaws.

All about the news

Several weeks ago, speculation circulated on the internet that Apple was planning to outfit the iPhone 14 with titanium frames. This welcome change would improve the smartphone's rigidity and stiffness, but the iPhone 12 (from the US $687 on Amazon) is already very durable. It can only bend due to significant applied force.

On the other hand, Apple's iPads can be readily twisted and bent, as demonstrated in a video by YouTuber JerryRigEverything. Apple finally addressed this flaw in its iPad lineup with a titanium alloy chassis. The titanium alloy chassis is more attractive than aluminum and stainless steel because it has better stiffness.

However, according to the DigiTimes article, the manufacture of titanium alloy chassis for smartphones and tablets is not yet economically possible, which is why the Cupertino-based business is currently weighing the benefits and drawbacks of the shift in the material. It is expensive and complicated to etch Titanium, especially when integrated into mass production. It could take Apple several years to equip its iPads and iPhones with a rugged titanium alloy framework.

Apple's iPad mini 6 has leaked again, this time with a somewhat different appearance from the iPad Air 4.

The forthcoming iPad mini 6 has been spotted once more, this time in an aluminum mockup. The tablet is believed to have small and consistent bezels, a Touch ID embedded in the power button, and oddly positioned volume buttons. Apple hasn't refreshed the iPad mini in a while and has not released a new iPad mini model since 2019. However, rumors suggest that the sixth-generation iPad mini will see a redesign.

Techordo and @xleaks7 have now published an aluminum dummy model for the iPad mini 6, which showcases its design and proportions. The iPad mini 6 has a single rear-facing camera and a uniformly thin display edge. The iPad mini 6 looks similar to the iPad Air 4 that Apple released last year.

According to @xleaks7 and Techordo echordo, Apple relocated the volume controls to the top of its smaller device. In comparison, the iPad Air 4 has a larger screen. Moving the volume buttons, according to DuanRui, provides a place for the Apple Pencil, which makes sense. In addition, although the smaller iPad 6 supports Touch ID through its power button, the iPad mini 6 is expected to feature Touch ID as well, matching its larger sibling.

The iPad mini 6's release date is unknown so far. Apple could announce the tablet alongside the iPhone 12S/13 Series, expecting in September. However, I anticipate that the iPad mini 6 will arrive with a last-generation SoC, like the A14 Bionic.

The boxy design of the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 7 is seen in new CAD renderings.

The unauthorized concept renderings back up recent reports that Apple's next wristwatch will be radically redesigned. Because it resembles the last generation of iPhones, the rumored boxy design is highly feasible. Furthermore, the Apple Watch has not seen any significant changes over the six-year history of its predecessor.

The Apple Watch Series 4 had a larger display than the previous models, but the overall design of the Apple Watch with its rounded edges and curved frame has remained unchanged since its original release in 2015. However, this is anticipated to change with the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 7, which is expected to be unveiled on September 14 with the iPhone 13.
91mobiles now have new CAD-based renders to match the design cues first predicted back in May by Jon Prosser. Apple's new smartwatch, 1.8 inches in size, will have flat edges and smaller bezels. It will also feature a boxy design that is very similar to the iPad Pro and iPhone 12. However, the placement of buttons and digital crowns appears unchanged. The sensors on the back of the smartwatch also seem to have remained the same.

The two slots at the left of the case are more noticeable. This could indicate that the Apple Watch Series 7 will likely get upgraded speakers. In addition, the CAD renders reveal that Apple's new wearable is thinner than its predecessor. It measures only 9mm thick for the 44mm model. Making it 1.7mm less than the Series 6 (from US $319 Amazon)!

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iPhones have come a long way since their first model was released. Since then the device has moved from plastic to metal. And we hope better things will continue to happen.

Every year the processor or system software of iPhones is changed. But, the physical features remain the same. So, with the new Titanium built Apple might be on the brink of a new era for iPhones.

Will they be as effective? To be honest, Why not. Titanium is really strong and feels great to touch. So, if iPhone’s are made from Titanium the prices and sales are undoubtedly going to rise up.