iPod: Why are there no new models?

Do you guys still recall iPods?

The famous music/ video player that kick-started Apple’s return to stardom after months it on on the verge of going bankrupt in all sorts.

The seventh-generation iPod Touch is 1,000 days old today with no sign of a new model.

Apple released its previous iPod Touch in 2019, and there is still no word on whether Apple will release a new iPod Touch.

Thus, in today’s article, we will take a closer look at what really happened? Why is Apple so hesitant to release another iPod? Is it time to say goodbye to iPods?

Read this article till the very end to find out all the answers….

The News:

Apple launched the seventh-generation iPod Touch in May 2019. It is the oldest Apple device, having been in production for 32 months.

The AirPods Pro is Apple's next-oldest device, and it was released in October 2019. It is currently 847 days old.

Apple's most affordable iOS device is the iPod touch, which starts at $199. In addition, it is the smallest iOS device, with a Retina display of 4 inches. Because of its price and form factor, the iPod touch is a popular entry-level device within Apple's ecosystem, especially for children.

The seventh-generation iPod touch featured the iPhone 7, which had the A10 Fusion chip, and was the first time there was a 256GB storage option.

The specifications and colors of the device were identical to the sixth-generation iPod touch.

The iPod touch was last updated in 2012, almost 10 years before the iPhone 5. It has been updated twice in 2015 and 2019.

The seventh-generation iPod touch, the most popular Apple device, is still a long way from the 2013 "trashcan Mac Pro." It went 2,182 days before an update, and that was before the 2019 modular Mac Pro.

After the July 2017 discontinuation of the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle, the iPod touch is still the only product Apple sells.

However, despite some iPod enthusiasts' excitement about the possibility of reviving the old iPod design with the click wheel, there are no rumors of an eighth-generation iPod touch or any new iPod models.

This means that the future of the entire iPod brand is uncertain.

Will we never see another iPod Touch from Apple?

"Will there ever be another iPod touch?" is one of the several questions that predates the possible existence of the iPod touch 7. Yet, as time passes, the likelihood that there won't grow higher.

Let's face it:

iPod leaks aren't as often as they previously were in the era of current cellphones. So it's simpler to anticipate iOS version support for current models by looking at previous iPod touch release dates.

Each of the first four iPod touch models had a year between them. The iPhone 4 was released in 2010, and after years of AT&T exclusivity in the United States, it was given Verizon support in 2011.

The following two iPod touch versions lasted three years apiece before being replaced.

Finally, the current iteration of the iPod touch, the 6th generation iPod touch, lasted four years before software support became an issue.

That's when the 7th and current generation iPod touch debuted, and it's currently only a few months away from being three years old.

So it's reasonable to assume that the current iPod touch will last another year, but how does processor support look?

The newest iPod touch was released in 2019, featuring an A10 Fusion CPU, which debuted in 2016 with the iPhone 7. The latest version of iOS (15.2) is backward compatible with iPhones from a year ago.

The iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and first-generation SE are dropped from iOS 16. However, the current iPod touch is still unsupported.

That leads us back to the great, nagging question. Will there be another CPU update and a color change, or should we anticipate this to be the last iPod touch?

Let us know what you think!

iPod touch (2019): Last & Latest iPod Right Now

Apple's non-cellular handheld iPod touch was refreshed in May 2019. The device received an upgraded processor, making it more responsive than ever before.

The iPod touch has been around for more than two years, and there is no rumor of a new update.

The seventh-generation iPod touch has the same design as the sixth-generation model. It has an aluminum shell and a 4-inch display.

It also features a Home button but no Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

In addition, the iPod touch does not have a biometric unlocking mechanism, so a passcode will be required.

The 2019 iPhone touch features the A10 Fusion chip, first used in the 2016 iPhone 7. In addition, it offers enhanced gameplay, support for group FaceTime, and augmented reality capabilities.

Apple will offer the new iPod touch in Pink (PRODUCT RED), Space Gray, Silver, and Gold, which are the same colors as the sixth-generation iPod Touch.

The new iPod touch starts at $199 and offers 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB of storage. This option is new for 2019. The new iPod touch starts at $199 and offers 128GB of storage for $299. 256GB of storage is $399.


The iPods have been one of the most iconic devices in Apple’s history.

But, their low sales numbers and dwindling demand on the market have made Apple rethink a lot of its strategies.

Right now less than 2% of people in the USA use an iPod. The arrival of the newer smartphone and Apple Watch has somehow shadowed this once great device. But, we still believe there is a future for iPods.

Yes, it may have been quite some time since there has been an announcement of a newer model but, we still hope the iPod has some good years left before it will be called off.