iPlay: Rumor or Relaity?

Did you know once Apple was very adamant to release a gaming console?

And then eventually did so, but it was long back and the amount of revolt it got made Apple swear to never tread in that same patch again. Until now…

A lot of fun gadgets are rumored to appear in 2022. Setting aside the regular iPhone, iPad, and MacBook upgrade the one which stands out the most is Apple’s new Gaming Console that could be called iPlay.

The console could be able to compete against the lineup that is dominated by the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch will soon be able to offer more alternatives to Steam Deck by Valve.

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A hybrid handheld console

The report also states that the console from Apple will be a hybrid device, which means a mix between the Switch and Sony's PS5.

This is likely because it's expected to integrate with Apple's forthcoming AR/VR headset. Additionally, Apple has kickstarted the development of several titles with major studios involved, as per the report.

The company has alternatives to Breath of the Wild as well as Mario Odyssey, and they are in the process of being released.

When the tech giant revealed its Apple Arcade subscription-based service with premium access and exclusively for iOS and iPad games, the company's renewed focus on gaming was evident.

Apple's gaming history console

Apple introduced a console known by the name of Apple Bandai Pippin, which was made from 1996 to 1997 and was an evolution of the Apple Macintosh platform.

The goal of the company was to develop a low-cost computer system designed for playing multimedia software that was based on CDs, particularly games, but it also functions as an application that could be used as a thin client.

It was an operating system that was a modified version of System 7.5.2 that utilized the 65-millisecond PowerPC 603 processor and had a 14.4 Kbps modem.

The console was equipped with a 4x-speed DVD-ROM drive, as well as a video output to a standard television display.

We know that the console didn't get off the ground. Bandai has made around 100,000 units, but only sold 40,000 units before removing them. After a few years, Apple seems to be looking forward to a new attempt.

The gaming industry is estimated to be worth billions of dollars, and mobile gaming is taking off.


A handheld console from Apple is just amazing, isn’t it?

However, we have to wait for an official announcement to see whether Apple is really into it. We hope for a positive response.