iPhones: What happened to the rotating Home Screen?

Why iPhones screen doesn't rotate

How long have you been using an iPhone?

If the answer is 5 years or more then you might be familiar with a unique feature that iPhones back then possessed - Auto rotating Home Screen.

Yes, you read that right. An auto-rotating home screen.

Until the iPhone 8 variants, all iPhones had the special power to completely change the orientation of the home screen from vertical to horizontal.

But, with time and the evolvement of the iOS, this feature has somehow become extinct.

And, today we are going to find out why…

Auto-Rotating home Screen

This feature was introduced in iOS roughly after the release of the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 was a brand new-looking device. Curvy design, bigger screen, better camera, new stock Operating System. Everything about it was interesting. So, this auto-rotation feature was meant to sit as a cherry on top for the new device.

But, to be honest no one took notice of this new feature.

Auto-Rotation was a feature that had been on iPhone forever and adding to the home screen meant nothing new to a lot of users.

But, as time went by and the iOS evolved this nifty little feature was taken away.

Right now, you can get a feature called the Portrait Lock on iPhones.

It works great on systems and third-party apps but the home screen cannot change its orientation like it used to.

Reasons for Discontinuation

There are two major reasons for this:

The first is the introduction of the notch. Notches were introduced around the time of the iPhone X and it has stayed with us since then.

When the notch was added it gave the iPhone a modern and futuristic look but with notch came new problems too. The home screen that previously rotated was not able to do so anymore as the vital information like time, battery percentage, and others were shown beside the notch.

This meant the processing time would instantly become double and Apple didn't want this small issue to create a laggy device.

The second reason is the introduction of widgets.

When Apple introduced Widgets to iOS, those prevented the home screen to rotate as there were not programmed to rotate.
As time passed widgets gathered immense popularity among users. So Apple axed the auto-rotation feature of the Home screen altogether.

Is a comeback possible?

In most cases, we say there is a chance of revival. But, that cannot be said for this feature.

Right now no smartphones provide an auto-rotating home screen with their devices. And this isn't an issue to the users whatsoever.

People really don't care if their home screens can rotate or not.

So, there is nearly no chance for this feature to come back.


And that’s all for today.

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