iPhone SE 3: Will it be a success or a failure?

After months of rumors, leaks, and speculations Apple has finally launched the iPhone SE 3.

A brand new iPhone powered by the new A15 Bionic chipset that's specifically priced for attracting the attention of customers who want a mid-raged smartphone.

But, the final relapse of the SE 3 also raises a lot of questions, like will it have good sales? Why would people still buy a barebones SE 3 over an Andriod smartphone, and more?

Thus, in today’s article, we will try to give you some of the FAqs and hope to figure out whether the new iPhone SE 3 could be a big success or a failure in the market.

So, without further ado.

Let us begin…

iPhone SE 3

The star of Apple’s “Peak performance” event was the iPhone SE 3. People had been patiently waiting for this new device.

It came with:

  • A 4.7-inch 720-p display.
  • The design is similar to that of the last iPhone SE.
  • All plastic built but, with a sturdier chassis.
  • New Apple A15 Soc Chipset.
  • A 65-Hz display
  • 5g connectivity with 20 5g bands.
  • A 14Mp rear camera.

The market price of the new iPhone SE 3 was around $429. Though the previous leaks mentioned the price to be around $350 price tag yet, this price is not too bad as well.

Problems with iPhone SE 3

The first and biggest problem that the new iPhone SE 3 will suffer from is its pricing.

For months people had speculated that the price of this device will be around $399 but when Apple unveiled the price tag of $429 a lot of people were shocked to see the numbers.

This new device was significantly costlier than the SE 2 and didn’t really offer a lot of ts price.

If one looks at the specs they will notice that the device is very moderately juiced. The only major addition is the inclusion of 20 5G bands and the new A15 Soc chipset. But, other than that there is no real innovation.

There being no whatsoever development around the design of the device could be another big disadvantage for Apple.

There has been no noticeable difference between the older model and the newer one. The screen size remains the same, the camera remains the same, the design and chassis remain the same, Even the front camera placement and the bezels remain the same.

It's been nothing but lazy design work by Apple.

And, the last problem regarding the SE 3 is has been released at a rather unlucky time.

There has been a global chip shortage throughout the world. This shortage is a major cause for the delay of SE 3s release in 2021 and the sudden price hike.

Plus, with the tensions in Europe due to the Russian Ukrainian crisis, the sales of SE 3 could dwindle in European countries.

Pros of iPhone SE 3

The only positive of the device is that Apple has made some very necessary changes in the device to keep it relevant.

The addition of 20 5G bands and updating the chipset is the only good thing that has happened.

Final Verdict

The sales of SE 3 now only depend on what people think of it.

The SE 2 wasn't doing bad in sales whatsoever but, compared to other iPhones it was struggling. And, this time there's a very big change theta the loop will repeat itself.

But, no one can know for sure.

The only place where SE 3 could make a major impact is in the South Asian and African markets. Owing to its low price.

But, until a final sales figure is released the SE 3 seems to show all signs of averageness.