iPhone SE 3 to just bring 5G, and no major design changes

In a recent article, a well-known Apple analyst came up with a theory that upset a lot of fellow Apple enthusiasts.

According to him, the upcoming iPhone SE 3 would have no major design changes from the previous versions.

The only expected addition is its ability to connect with 5G.

So, here’s an article shedding light on the newfound leak…

News(what's the design so far)

The majority of reports so far suggest that this new iPhone SE 3 features a similar design and style to the iPhone SE. Japanese Apple blog Macotakara and widely-known analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young have predicted that Apple's most affordable iPhone this year will sport the identical 4.7-inch LCD display screen as the iPhone 8 design.

As a result, the new iPhone SE will not have any substantial design modifications. However, it will still have a Touch ID on the Home Button. It is also likely to have a variation of the Starlight as well as Midnight colors. The more visible & notable changes, like the hole-punch design, would be kept in the 2023 model instead of 2022, according to Ross Young.

There was speculation at some point that the next iPhone SE would get a larger 5.5-inch display as well as a Touch ID side button. For example, Kuo floated the idea of the possibility of an "iPhone SE Plus" earlier in the year.

Not to mention the report that was leaked by MyDrivers in October 2021 that claimed that it was likely that the iPhone SE 3 wouldn't be modeled on the iPhone 8 but the iPhone XR instead.

It was reported earlier that the iPhone SE 3 is still the iPhone 8 model, which includes a 4.7-inch screen with front Touch ID, but the latest rumor claims that it's based on an iPhone XR, equipped with side fingerprints. This, however, has not ruled out the front-facing Face ID, reported the publication.

Although it's unlikely, there's always the possibility.

Options for storage and processing

The current iPhone SE uses the A13 Bionic. Based on Macotakara and Ming-Chi-Kuo, the next iPhone will get an increase in specs, and it's anticipated to include the A15 Bionic chip, which is identical to the iPhone 13.

Since Apple launched the iPhone SE in the year 2000, it has always come with the same processor that is used in the current mainline iPhone. So it's only natural that the same thing will occur in 2022.
Rumors don't even mention storage capacity as of right now. The iPhone SE 3 is currently available in 128GB and 64GB versions. As Apple has recently changed its iPhone 13 line to start at 128GB,

Apple could adopt the same approach for the iPhone SE 3.


At present, there are no rumors or speculation regarding the iPhone SE 3 camera. However, as it's expected to be similar in style to Apple's iPhone 8, it will likely have only one sensor.

If Apple continues to follow the trend and follows the trend, the iPhone SE 3 will likely come with a camera that is similar to that of the iPhone 12 as the SE model does not have identical sensors to the mainline iPhone.

The present SE phone has an 8MP camera on the front. It would be amazing to see an additional 12MP camera in the game. Night Mode, Cinematic Mode, as well as Photographic Styles would be awesome features too.


One thing that rumors that they all agree on is the support of 5G technology. In June of 2021, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had already stated that it was likely that the iPhone SE 3 would come with 5G connectivity.

The iPhone SE 3 would feature two major upgrades: 5G and faster processing. Kuo's projections of a 5G iPhone SE were backed up by Japanese blog Macotakara and analyst Ross Young in October.

When will the iPhone SE 3 launch and what will be the price?

In November 2021, the research firm's report suggested that Apple would unveil an iPhone SE 3 in the first quarter of 2022 suggesting that the company could organize a special event in March.

At present, there is no information on the cost of the iPhone SE 3 will be priced at $399. It's the least expensive iPhone and is expected to stay for $399.

If Apple expands storage by doubling it and adds 5G, that could be a fantastic place for the phone, even though it's not going to get an overhaul in design