iPhone SE 3: In risk on getting postponed

At the beginning of 2020, Apple introduced the most recent model of its somewhat sporadic but loved iPhone SE series.

Since then, those who love low-cost iPhones have been eagerly waiting for the next release of this compact, budget-friendly device.

But they've been waiting in vain as some recent reports have suggested that the device could be further delayed due to some technical problems.

In this article, we'll explain how soon the third-gen iPhone SE is likely to come out and what to anticipate in terms of design, price, and more.

Thus, without further ado. Let us Begin…

When will the iPhone SE 3 be available?

It's a bit longer than the usual Apple annual spring releases, which typically take place in March or April.

This is why Apple may unveil other new products (the new iPad Air, as an example, and the AirPods Pro, the second generation AirPods Pro) in the typical March slot, followed by the launch of the brand new iPhone SE at a second event, or through the form of a press announcement.

What will Apple call the next iPhone?

There's a chance that it'll be named simply "iPhone SE," with no mention of its third generation (third-gen) or the year of its release (2022) on the user packaging or branding for promotional purposes.

The legal documents, as well as the coverage of third-party websites like this one, are an entirely different issue, as it will be required to distinguish the phone in comparison to its predecessors, the iPhone SE (2016) and iPhone SE (2020). It's likely to be called "the" iPhone SE (2022). It's equivalent to the smaller print that Apple has for Apple.

There's another possibility, however. The expert on displays, highly reliable and reliable analyst Ross Young, thinks it will be referred to as "iPhone SE+ 5G" to promote the most prominent new feature.

We're not certain. However, Young isn't prone to making mistakes.

What will be the cost of SE 3?

We are expecting the brand new iPhone SE to cost PS399 or $399 for the basic version.

If the company launches a larger version that comes with a price of PS499 or $499, it is likely for that phone.


If Apple adheres to its typical SE method, expect the new model to resemble the exterior style of an earlier, discontinued iPhone. SE (2016) SE (2016) made use of the frame from the iPhone 5s, and SE (2020) uses the frame from the iPhone 5s.

The SE (2020) utilises its iPhone 8 chassis. Both elements were updated; however, the exterior design was dated.

There is a possibility that the SE will remain in its current position as a token phone that has a Home button and Touch ID—a set of outdated technologies that a few people still like.

This would be a new launch for an iPhone 8 chassis since Apple hasn't introduced any new designs that are based on the Home button since.

The internals will get an upgrade, while the exterior will stay identical.

Given how old the design has become, it would make more sense for us to see that it was the iPhone SE 3 that finally adopted the look and feel of an entirely-screen iPhone.

One possibility is the recently removed iPhone XR. Analysts think that it's probably an iPhone 11, the least expensive non-SE model in the current line-up.

However, Svetapple is a company that has the habit of creating beautiful conceptual illustrations for unknown Apple product launches, so coming up with an idea that is a bit more ambitious than the new SE might be built off of an earlier model, the twelve mini.

The concept SE is breathtaking, with an appearance that's very modern and slight improvements over the 12 mini's heyday in 2020, and the notch is removed and replaced by an invisible pinhole for the camera on the front.

Will there be an iPhone SE Plus?

In the event that Apple introduced the iPhone SE 2020, it was a bit of a surprise that, while there was a possibility that the iPhone SE 2020 could be thought of as an update for the iPhone 8, it was not an update. On the iPhone 8, the company did not announce a successor.

People who are hoping for a larger iPhone SE—perhaps because they're looking for that unique and rare combo of home buttons as well as an enormous screen—will be delighted to learn that some of the most knowledgeable analysts believe that such a device is in the works at Apple.

This latest version is expected to be a little larger with a size in the range of a 5.7 LCD screen. Given the dimensions, it is expected to be called the iPhone SE Plus.

In the spring of 2020, Ming-Chi kuo said that we could see a larger iPhone SE in the second quarter of 2021.

At the time, he claimed: "We predicted that Apple would launch the new iPhone model in 1H21 in a previous report," the report states. However, we now think that Apple will likely postpone the new model from 1H21 to 2H21.

As of now, we discern that Kuo's timing was incorrect. Apple may be developing a larger iPhone with the home button regardless of whether or not we see it.

And in December 2021, Kuo was back to the topic and claimed that Apple was developing not one, but two new iPhone SE models: a 4.7-inch model that would be released in the spring of 2022 and a bigger version that would be available in 2023.

"We expect Apple to release a new iPhone SE in 2023 with a larger display than the [early 2022] SE's 4.7in and 4GB of memory support (vs 3GB in the [early 2022] SE)," he said.

Ross Young thinks a larger (5.7in or 6.1in) SE model is in development and expects it to be available either in 2023 or 2024.


If the reports are true then, the iPhone SE 3 might get postponed to the third or fourth quarter of 2022 but, we can console you by saying that Apple is adamant to release the new SE 3 this year.

For now, the developers are on their way to fixing the technical problems faced in the model.

Any changes in final release dates will be notified to you as soon as it hits the market.

Thank you for bearing with us. Good Day!