iPhone SE 3: Apple's wild card to win the Indian Market.

Apple has planned to release a horde of new gadgets this year.

From new iPhones to updated MacBooks and AirPods, there are a lot of unique devices whose rumors have sprung up and are still springing up t date. But, no one among them is expected to be bigger than the new iPhone SE 3.

With the introduction of 5G, better display and updated processor the new iPhone SE 3 is claiming to be the perfect low-cost iPhone for many people who want an Apple device but don’t have to money to afford them.

But, the biggest speculation rumbling around the iPhone SE 3 is how it's going to change the sales figures of Apple in one of the most competitive smartphone markets in the world- India.

Thus, in today’s article, we will dive deep into the facts and learn how and why iPhone SE 3 could be Apple's biggest wild horse in the race for supremacy on Indian markets.

Let us Begin…

India and smartphones

The scene of smartphones and India is like the story of the Industrial Revolution. Which started as a small initiative but slowly grew into one of the biggest success stories in Tech History.

Smartphones weren’t something that anyone associated with India till the early 2010s.

Back then Nokia, Motorola, and other local and Chinese brands use to be the staple for Indian customers. Back in the early 2010s, Nokia was the undisputed king of the Indian phone market.

Their models were very sturdily built and suited the rugged lifestyle of most Indians. Plus, Nokia brought some small innovations like right ones from famous Bollywood Movies or Games that, kept them relevant in India.

But, all of this slowly started to change with the introduction of Samsung.

Samsung came like a storm to the Indian market and with them, they brought two of the most recognizable smartphones in India. Samsung Guru and Samsung Metro.

With an array of new features like better games, internet, MP3, and MP4 players Samsung took all the limelight in India. And this also paved the way for other foreign brands in India.

With time many new Chinese and Korean brands like Oppo, Xiaomi, and Vivo started to broadcast their smartphone in India at an amazingly low price of around $300.

This made the competition fierce, and right now the only smartphone that will survive in India has to be full of features, innovative, and cost-effective.

Those are 3 things Apple couldn’t do, until now. But, with the introduction of the iPhone SE 3. The tide may flow in favor of Apple.

Why iPhone SE 3 will be a hit?

There’s only one sole reason why we believe this could be.

And, that's the price.

According to one trusted source, the new iPhone SE 3 would be priced anywhere in between $ 325 to $ 399 exclusively for the Indian market.

This stunning low price will automatically attract a lot of interest in India from brands like Xiaomi and Oppo. Thus, giving Apple a major competitive advantage.

Another reason for Apple’s success could be its enormous brand value.

Although Indian may steer clean of the apple due to the price of its products, it's a very well reputed and well-recognized brand in India. Plus, Apple just bagged around $22 million from Indian last year, making it their best year on the Indian market to date.

Thus, Indian people are starting to notice Apple indefinitely. And this newly acquired cookie point( the iPhone SE 3) might help them to set a new record this year.


With all this said, the first Quarterly Apple Event is still like a month away. So a lot of things could go wrong at this time.

But, all that said, iPhone SE 3 has the potential to do wonders if they can play all their cards right.

As of now, we’ll just have to wait and see how things turn up. But, we are very pessimistic about iPhone SE 3.

May it be victorious.

And, that’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed this article. We will be back soon with more great content. Until then, Stay tuned and have a Good Day!