iPhone SE 2022

In 2020, following waiting for four years, Apple finally updated the iPhone SE to... the iPhone SE. Apple differentiates its new model whenever it's needed by referring to it as the 2nd-generation iPhone SE, but most users refer to it as iPhone SE (2020) or iPhone SE (2020), or iPhone SE 2.

Whatever you prefer to call it, it's not likely to get an update until 2021. It's also unlikely that Apple will wait for four years before updating their most budget-friendly iPhone.

Here’s what we anticipate about the Apple iPhone SE 2022:

Design and display of iPhone SE 2022

The most reliable experts expect the new iPhone SE to physically resemble the present model. This is perhaps a bit disappointing since the iPhone SE is based on the body of the iPhone 8, which is now long gone. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will move forward with a new SE model that will have a 4.7-inch screen, LCD displays, and a Home button that has Touch ID, and without Face ID.

Also, likely, the next iPhone SE is once again believed to be based upon the shell of the iPhone 8 with a few new parts. Nikkei Asia revealed on July 1 that the new SE "will look like a refreshed version of the iPhone 8 and have a 4.7-inch liquid crystal diode (LCD) display."

It is also believed that Apple is working to create an upgrade edition of the iPhone 11 that comes with a 6.1-inch display with Face ID. The next iPhone SE will feature the same 4.7-inch display as the present model, according to Display Supply Chain Consultants' Ross Young, who also said that the speculated iPhone SE with a 6.1-inch LCD has been put out to 2024.
5G connectivity

The main attraction of the next iPhone SE is believed to be an affordable and cost-effective 5G iPhone ever. The iPhone 12 mini is currently the cheapest 5G iPhone with a price of $699. So you can anticipate the iPhone SE to be priced lower than that, although it might not be able to keep the $399 price tag of the currently priced iPhone SE.

It's not known whether the iPhone SE will support mmWave 5G. The iPhone SE will also support sub-6GHz frequencies. The iPhone 8's body was not designed to support the antennas required for mmWave reception.

However, it's unclear how much that could be an issue, or whether Apple could change it. The month of July was when Nikkei Asia reported that the iPhone SE would use Qualcomm's X60 modem, which is the same as the one that is reported to be inside the iPhone 13. Japanese Apple website Macotakara also confirmed the 5G rumor back in October. Young also said that the iPhone SE may have 5G.


Apple has always equipped its iPhone SE with the modern Apple A-series processor. It is the same processor used in the latest premium iPhone models.

That implies a 3rd-generation iPhone SE releasing in the spring of 2022 would use the same chipset as the iPhone 13 releasing later this year, which we assume to be the A15, as Nikkei Asia and Macotakara revealed.

However, a report from July's DigiTimes stated that Apple will be using an A14 Bionic chip inside the A12 instead. The A12 or the A14 Bionic chip makes the SE speedy, an excellent value, and will be able to get iOS upgrades for a long time, which was the case with previous iPhone SE models. Apple's cost-cutting is based on the display, body cameras, and similar options.

Release date and price

We're not sure exactly how much an iPhone SE costs, but it will be less expensive than other iPhones.

There's a difference between the iPhone 12 mini currently retailing at $699, while it's possible to purchase the iPhone SE for $399, each with 32GB storage. With the addition of 5G as well as the licensing fees, it's likely to see an iPhone SE gets a price increase to $449 or $499, however, we wouldn't anticipate it to be more expensive than that.

The speculated iPhone SE Plus, based on the iPhone 11 with Face ID will come with the price of a minimum of $100 (placing it within the range of $499-599) and could be launched in 2022 along with the next iPhone SE, though some speculation suggests that it will not launch until 2023. Notably, Apple discontinued selling the 256GB version that was included in 2020's iPhone SE in September 2021 and could signal the evaporation of stocks.


If you look into the history books of Apple, the iPhone SE was one such device where Apple slashed down a lot of premium features to get the final costs down. And this in turn made the iPhone SE the most disliked iPhone to date. But, all of this can change if Apple finally nails the new iPhone SE 3.

As of now, (from the leaks and speculations) the iPhone SE 3 is building up quite some anticipation among Apple lovers. Thus, it would be truly great to see if this new device can really deliver what it promises.

Until then, let’s keep our hopes high and fingers crossed.