iPhone: How to know if its legit or not!!!

When it comes to the smartphone market, the Apple iPhone is in a class of its own.

It's priced higher than other smartphones due to its distinctive features. As a way to profit from the popularity of the brand.

But did you know iPhones are also one of the most devices in the world?

Many people purchase fake iPhones at a bargain price without checking the quality of the product.

Thus, in today's article, we will guide you through the steps by which you can check the legitimacy of your iPhone or check an iPhone before buying it, So you don’t get ripped off.

1. Look up the IMEI number

An IMEI number is a reference to International Mobile Equipment Identity. If you decide to purchase an iPhone, make sure you check the IMEI number.

First, examine the IMEI numbers of your phone in the box. Now visit Apple's website at https://checkcoverage.apple.com/in/en.

Select the option "IMEI number" and enter the number on the phone's dial. If you can't find any specifics on the screen, the phone is likely a fake.

2. Make sure you check the phone's interface

If you log in to the phone, be sure to watch the procedure carefully. If you're asked for Google or other account details during this process, then the phone is not genuine.

If you also find that the phone is its Android variant, this means it's not the original iPhone.

3. Examine the Pentalobe Screw carefully

To confirm whether the phone is an authentic Apple product, take a close look at the Pentalobe screw on the phone you purchased.

There is a Pentalobe screw inside the iPhone, close to the lightning plug.

Additionally, the original iPhone must have five grooves on the top of the screw. If there are grooves that are lower than that, the phone is a fake iPhone.

4. Find out the model of the phone

Another method to differentiate an authentic iPhone from a fake one is to identify the model on the device. First, navigate to the settings on the phone.

Then, choose the option that reads "About Phone." In this section, you must take note of the model of your phone. If you notice any differences, it is a fake phone.

5. Make sure you check the display's bezel

It is also possible to distinguish a genuine Apple phone from one that is fake by watching the bezel on the display that the device has.

The bezel defines the line between the phone's display and the frame. Therefore, it is crucial to examine the bezel of the display attentively.

If the display's bottom does not have an even bezel, then the phone you bought is fake. The bezel on an imitation iPhone tends to be large and thick.

--> Additionally: Double-check the OS

What is it that makes the iPhone distinct in its way?

The OS that it runs. In contrast to other phones operating on Android, the iPhone runs on iOS, which is an exclusive operating system developed by Apple.

However, most fake iPhones run Android, but they have an iOS-like skin to deceive consumers.

This is why counterfeit iPhones appear authentic. It's a lot of money to pay for an iPhone. It is therefore essential to look over the device and test it carefully.

Make sure that the iPhone is equipped with standard applications such as Safari, Health, and Calculator.

Try downloading some applications through the App Store, if it is possible.


And that’s how to know if your iPhone is legit or not.

Be sure to check the following features whenever you buy any iPhone online.

Hope you liked the article. We will be back soon with other fun hacks and tutorials, until then. Stay Tuned, Good Day!