iPhone: 5 gadgets you should own (PART 2)

There are a lot of amazing accessories available for your iPhone on the web.

From back covers, headphones, and hard cases to antiviruses and finger caps for gamers. There is a massive list of useful and useless accessories that you will find for your iPhone.

But, choosing the perfect accessory for your device might be a tough task.

And that’s why we exist!

As in today’s article, we are going to talk about 5 such accessories that you get while you are looking for iPhone accessories.

1. NFC Sticker

NFC (Near Field Communication) is an up-and-coming model of wireless connection that uses strong, short-range radio signals to connect with a device.

It uses a small microchip that will connect with any neighboring device within seconds, It works great on iPhones, MacBooks, and even Apple Watches. And some NFC stickers even come with their own dedicated apps so you can customize them to perform a certain action when your device is brought near one.

Although it is on par, even sometimes slower than the Bluetooth 5.0 that you get in the latest iPhone models. Yet, it is extremely useful and can be an excellent addition to your setup.

Plus, NFC stickers cost very little and last really long.

2. Privacy Screen Protector

Do you hate when strangers glance over your iPhone whilst you are using it?

Well, then Privacy Screen protectors might just be the perfect accessory for you.

Privacy Screen Protectors work very like old-gen LCD screens by blocking any possible viewing angle from the sides.

So, you can get complete privacy on your device and no stranger can take a peek at what you are doing.

3. AirTags

A rather shocking addition to the list.

AirTags have seen some serious backlashes from Apple users around the world since it was proved that they could be used to spy and loot you.

Yet, AirTags are a great accessory by itself.

Imagine having a highly capable tracker that can fit in the coin compartment of your wallet. Well, that's something even James Bond would have loved.

4. WaterProof iPhone case

Are you an adventure lover who loves watersports, hikes, and bike rallies.?

Then you should definitely go for a WaterProof iPhone case.

These cases may not look very pleasing to the eye but they are way better than any iPhone cases that you can buy online.

Most Waterproof cases are built to withstand anything. From deep waters, heavy atmospheric pressure to scorching heat, these babies can survive almost anything.

And the best part, they cost considerably less than some 360-cases out there.

5. Armband Holder for iPhone

The Apple Watch is hands down the best Apple accessory one can buy for workouts. But, what if you don't have or cannot afford one?

Well, then you have to take your iPhone for workouts. But iPhone and workout don’t always fit the same bracket.

During a workout, your body is under continuous moment and strain so it may happen you drop your iPhone and break its screen. To avoid that you need an Armband Holder.

Armband Holders come with a soft touch case and a powerful velcro that keeps your iPhones safe and ready for use. No matter whenever you want it.

Winding Up

And that’s it.

Those were all the big 5 accessories that you should try to buy whilst shopping for accessories.

Hope you liked the article. We will be back soon with other fun hacks, twerks, and tutorials, until then. Stay Tuned, Good Day!