iPhone: 5 accessories you should avoid

There are a lot of amazing accessories available for your iPhone on the web.

From back covers, headphones, and hard cases to antiviruses and finger caps for gamers. There is a massive list of useful and useless accessories that you will find for your iPhone.

But, choosing the perfect accessory for your device might be a tough task. As the internet is filled with flashy, useless stuff that will waste your hard-earned money.

Thus, in this article, we are going to talk about 5 such accessories that you should totally avoid whilst shopping.

Let us Begin…

1. Anti Radiation Patches

Starting off with the biggest red flag on our list. Anti Radiation Patches are like one of the most useless purchases that you could make.

When released, these small patches claimed that they could reduce the harmful electromagnetic radiation that comes out of your device by using a thin lead foil that will be supposed to block around 98% of all traditions.

But, there’s a catch.

This device was a hoax.

Months after its global release people came to know that this accessory was nothing but a thin laminated plastic strip. Apparently, some scammers made this accessory up as a scam to fool people and make money out of it.

Although they cost only a few bucks, anti-radiation chips are a complete waste of money and you should absolutely avoid them.

2. Signal Strength Enhancer Patch

A distant relative of the Anti-Radiation Patch, this device claimed to enhance better signal strength on your iPhone with the help of its microcircuits.

So, far so good right?

Well, no. This device was an even bigger hoax than an Anti-Radiation Patch. It could not do anything it promise, it was a complete waste of money and the adhesive it used was so cheap that it could destroy the glass back of your iPhone if you tried to peel it off.

Plus, it always came in a pack of 5-6 stickers that drove up its cost to around $20.

So, we advise all our readers to steer clear of this accessory.

You might look it up online and find big shining 4 star reviews about it on Wish.com but, it’s a complete waste of money.

3. Reinforced-glass back cover

Right now all iPhones come with the latest Gorilla glass protector on their screen so, it’s really a big puzzle how this accessory ever makes it big. But, rest assured it’s flawed in every way possible.

These types of back covers are usually sold for a very high-price,(typically twice than your average iPhone cases) Its shining glossy look might fool a lot of users but this device is the complete opposite of what it preaches.

For starters, this accessory uses the cheapest possible reinforced glasses which makes them very fragile and hazardous to be carried around in pockets. Plus, glass being a very bad conductor of heat, it can cause heating problems on your iPhone.

Plus, it’s thick enough to not allow wireless charging of your device.

Thus, Reinforced Glass back covers are a big no-no.

4. Phone Fingers

Now onto a totally illogical accessory.

Phone Fingers are like a sleeve for your fingers. It sits right on your finger like a glove and it’s used to keep your iPhone's screen free from scratches that might be caused by your nails.

So far so simple, right?

Well, this accessory might seem useful for mobile gamers, but it’s completely useless for most people out there. Phone Fingers do not provide any additional protection to your device plus, it's so slippery and thick that they could give you a bad skin rash.

Although it makes the scrolling experience smoother with its micro-fiber coated tips yet, it’s totally illogical to spend your hard-earned money on something so pointless.

5. MagSafe Charger/ MagSafe Battery Pack

We finally conclude our list with accessory/ accessories that have faced mixed reviews among iPhone users.

The MagSafe has been the latest innovation in iPhone charging and yes, it's very futuristic and elegant to look at but, it's extremely un-efficient.

The MagSafe charging mechanism charges your iPhone slower than a 10-year-old power bank and it’s expensive. Like really expensive for what it offers.

Look at the MagSafe Battery Pack, for instance, $100 for a good-looking magnetic power bank that has less than 1500 mAH of charge.

Now, that’s what we call throwing your money in a ditch.

But, the future of MagSafe might be in good hands as Apple is planning to bring in 2nd generation of MagSafe accessories that will have better performance than the recent ones.

But, until then MagSafe Charger/ MagSafe Battery pack is something you should avoid spending your money on.

Winding Up

And. that’s it.

Those were all the big 5 accessories that you should avoid while shopping for accessories.

Hope you liked the article. We will be back soon with other fun hacks, twerks, and tutorials, until then. Stay Tuned, Good Day!