iPhone 14 Rumors: New color schemes leaked.

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This time we have some brand new and lucrative rumors about the upcoming iPhone 14.

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The News:

The iPhone 14 Pro might have a distinct design and style that's different from the different iPhone 14 models. If a fresh set of renders are believed to be true, in addition, all models in the iPhone range might receive Apple's attractive purple hue.

Let's take a look at this iPhone 14 Pro design rumor first. As per FrontPage Tech render artist Ian Zelbo, writing for AppleTrack, the Pro model may have more rounded corners on its body as well as its display. The change is only for the regular Pro, however, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the iPhone 14, and the speculated Apple's new iPhone 14 Max all missing out.

Based on Apple's prior plans, we've got a forecast regarding when the iPhone 14 release date will be.

If you look at the reverse of both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini, you'll see that the body's corners are curved in the same manner as the camera block. This isn't the case for those with Pro models, however.

Naturally, this time around, there will also be a difference between the Pro Standard Pro and the Pro Max, which is odd, but the new design is scheduled to debut on the

Front Page Tech channel shortly, and we'll be watching with interest.

A purple color option as well as a new flash

In addition to the iPhone 14 news, we might be getting a new color to choose from. It is based on an unpublished Weibo post that was spotted by ShrimpApplePro, as well as AppleTrack and users on Twitter.

As per the post that has since been removed, the regular iPhone 14 will come in Midnight, Starlight, and Product Red shades, similar to the iPhone 13, but with the new option of purple and sky blue tones, as opposed to the more blue tones currently available.

Then, for the Pro models, there will be graphite, silver, and gold like usual, as well as an edgier purple with a matte finish similar to the other models.

Additionally, it is believed that there will be a brand new flash module design that will be used for the array of cameras behind. The present iPhone flash is comprised of two lenses that are circular within the circle that makes up the module. However, the new version will have two concentric circles instead. It's unclear what the reasoning behind Apple's making this change will be.

There are a lot of designs that are expected for the next iPhone beyond the recent rumors. We could also see smaller bezels around the display, along with a pill-like and punch-hole notch for the Pro models, to replace the cutout currently in place.

We'll never know whether these rumors are accurate for some time, as Apple's latest flagship model is not scheduled until September. In the meantime, keep checking for updates on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro hubs for the most up-to-date news and leaks.


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