iPhone 14: no notch, no camera bump, full-screen display.

The iPhone 13 has already hit the market. Thanks to the Fall Event of 2021. But, it’s not even been a month since this launch that leaks about iPhone 14 have heated up the market.

The rumors about the iPhone 14 series

Apple's major product launch event on September 14 will likely be the first time the iPhone 13 has made its official debut. However, new renders give a glimpse into the 2022 iPhone 14 before the public can see it for the first time.

Jon Prosser, the major leaker over at Front Page Tech, has supposedly been told by inside Apple or supply chain workers what the iPhone 14 Pro Max will truly look like. Unfortunately, Prosser did not disclose his sources, but he has an excellent track record of correctly predicting leaks.

The iPhone 14's design is very similar to the iPhone 4. The future iPhone 14 will feature two pieces of flat glass sandwiched between a metal rail. Prosser claims that this rail is made from titanium.

According to Prosser, two lingering iPhone annoyances, the notch (and the camera bump), will be eliminated by the iPhone 14. In addition, Prosser claims that the iPhone 14 will push all Face ID sensors below the display.

In this rumored design, the camera bump on the phone's back is gone. This allows the camera module to be positioned flush with the rest. There also does not appear to be a separate cutout to restrict the camera area. Instead, all of it is on the same plane.

The iPhone 14 may use a periscope lens to get rid of the camera bump. This stacks the lenses horizontally rather than vertically to eliminate the problem. In addition, according to rumors, the glass will have a semi-gloss surface with the Apple logo under it.

Prosser couldn't confirm which colors would be included with the 2022 Apple phones. Prosser claimed that he saw a gold version of the phone while his team mocked up a turquoise model just for fun. The iPhone 14 won't be the portless iPhone we know a lot. Instead, it will retain the incessant lightning port. This technological relic seems to be refusing to evolve into USB-C!

This rumor states that the display's front would be removed from the above-mentioned notch to allow sensors to be placed underneath. However, a single-hole-punch camera will be available for selfies. Because the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3's under-display camera has a low photo quality, it makes sense to make this design option.

The Difference Considered

The iPhone 14 launch will be preceded by the iPhone 13 launch, which is expected to take place next week. Although the notch is still present on this phone, it is supposed to be smaller, and Pro models will likely have displays with variable refresh rates.

The most significant difference on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the centered punch-hole display, which eliminates the notch that has been present on Apple's devices since the iPhone X in 2017.

Apple may keep the notch on the other models, however. Similar to many Android phones, the punch hole is relatively small. Jon Prosser stated that Face ID sensors are likely to be under the display if you're wondering about where they are. The earpiece is accessible via a cut above the punch hole.

Apple also made some design changes to the rear. The camera arrangement remains essentially unchanged. However, the sensors now fit flush with the body. The volume buttons are another significant design change that is more or less a return of an earlier design. However, the volume buttons are now rounder than the iPhone 4's and not as pill-shaped as the iPhone 12 series.

The iPhone 14 series will feature a titanium frame, which should make them more durable.


Over the years Apple has somehow given no major changes in the iPhone’s design. The notch is still there and the camera setup is still very reminiscent of that of the older models. But, with the new iPhone 14, Apple might blow off a lot of minds.

All we can do for now is build up the expectation with every new leak and hope for the best.