iPhone 13: Charging Hacks (Part 1)

The way you charge a device speaks a great deal about its performance in the long run.

For example, if you are lazy enough and charge your device only when you need to then your iPhone will most probably only run well for a year until it shows probable signs of wearing off.

So, it is very important to follow some basic tips and hacks to keep the health of your iPhone’s battery at optimal levels.

In this article, we will talk about 3 such hacks that you need to follow to ensure you can get the most out of your iPhone’s battery.

Let us Begin

1. Probhabit charging your iPhone to 100%

Most iPhone users prefer to charge their devices to 100%, but it is one of the major reasons your battery might be wearing off.

On paper the 100% might seem very pleasing but, to be honest, the 100% cost is a very hefty cost. Usually when you overcharge your battery to 100% every time you plug it in you are indirectly losing a fraction of the charging capacity of the battery.

iPhones nowadays use Lithium-Ion batteries which slowly wear off with continuous charging and discharging thus, charing your iPhone to full 100% will simply push your device’s battery to the brink of wearing off.

Rather, keeping the charging limit of your device at around 80-90% will ensure a longer lifetime of the battery.

2. Do not wait until >15% to charge your iPhone’s battery

There is a popular myth around the internet that says - you should only charge your phone’s battery when it drops below 15%.

This claim is just bogus and illogical.

Whenever you exhaust your iPhone’s battery to such an extent it causes the charging cells of the battery to drain out completely. This in turn means, longer changing hours and lower changes of the device to stay awake at lower battery levels.

If you prolong this trend of charging the iPhone below 15% it eventually will destroy the iPhones’ capacity to retain charge when the battery drops below 30%.

Thus, you should only charge your device when it reaches around 20%.

This will ensure your battery cells do not get exhausted and keep the low-power mode of your device in great shape.

3. Follow the 20-80 rule

The 20 - 80 rule states:

You should only charge your device when it comes in or around 20%, and you should limit the charging of your device to 80%.

Follow this simple trick and you will be amazed by how long one battery will last you.

Winding Up

And those were out simple tips and tricks for charging and iPhone 13.

These hacks can also be followed for any other smart device.