iPhone 13: Apple planning to banish Facebook and other social media apps

How would you feel if a really necessary function from your smartphone was being taken away from you?
- You would be sad, enraged, and confused right!

What if we told you Apple is trying its level best to do just that. So, are you Shocked? Enraged? Fascinated? We know it might come as a real shocker to most of you but, with the new iPhone 13, Apple is planning to banish all Social Media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc from their system.

Social Media, the great world of wireless connectivity which has given everyone a voice. A world that makes billions and billions every year by connecting people. A system so infinite and unique that it is hard to replicate. Right?

Well, not completely. Yes, Social Media is a network of people who are connected on a global scale but it doesn’t function the way you might think it does. Like any other form of business, there are deep underlying facts that we need to know. Thus, we have brought to you this article via which we will try to learn a little more about the underlying world of social media and why Apple is trying so badly to get rid of it.

So, let us begin!

The Social Media Conspiracy

Over the years many social media platforms have popped. Back in the early 2000s, it all began with Orkut. They were the leaders of global social connection when not everyone had the monopoly of owning a smart device like an iPhone. As time passed by other social media apps began to grow - In 2004 it was Facebook, in 2005 it was Reddit, and in 2006 it was Twitter.

Slowly but steadily these social media websites began to attract a lot of users globally and within a year or two more than a billion people were hooked on social media websites.

Things would have gone as simple as that but complications started when these social media start-ups planned to expand their horizons. Thus, began an era of data leak and intensive data mining.

What is Data Mining?

Data Mining is a conjugation of 2 words. Data:- information and Mining:- uncovering,[here] rather by illegal means.

In simple words, the process of uncovering user data from a pool of spare data is called Data Mining. Most social media platforms you use today use this method to make money.

Let us take a simple example: You have created a Facebook account a few days ago. It has asked for your credentials and you have provided some sensitive information to them. So, one fine day you might just be filling up a Facebook survey where you showered your affection for a costly piece of jewelry. Within minutes you will see your Timeline is being bombarded by advertisements about the jewelry you surveyed.

This is how Facebook and other social media platforms operate. They collect your data and sell it to various manufacturers who can now directly target you.

Who are the buyers of your Data?

All of these sectors buy your data.

  • Information Technology.
  • E-commerce websites.
  • NGOs.
  • Government Funded Relief Programs.
  • Academic Institutes like Colleges, Universities, and
  • All manufacturers who sell their wares online

Why is it bad?

You might be asking, “So what? It’s just advertisements” well, it’s not that simple. On the surface, you might only be watching advertisements but deep within your deepest secrets are beings traded without your consent and you have no control over it.

What Apple is planning to do and why?

Over the years social media platforms have soaked my innumerable user data and used it to earn their daily bread. Thus, Apple has taken a strong stance against it. According to sources, previously Apple only provided App transparency and other functions to safeguard their user’s data but now they are planning to totally ban well-known social media apps so that no user data of Apple users is ever under threat.

There has not been any official article from Apple Inc. about this matter but with the new iPhone 13 and iOS 15 on their way Apple is leaving no stone unturned to keep your data safe. According to them, “this process might seem overwhelming at first but with time people will get to know why it is so needed”.

What will happen if Apple bans social media apps from its systems?

This question is like someone asking you what happens if you stop breathing. You will die! And this is exactly what is going to happen to some of the social media apps if this endeavor of Apple goes through.

According to annual census reports, Facebook alone makes around $10 billion every year from the data of iOS and macOS users. Considering only 30-40% of the world uses Apple devices then, Facebook is directly making around $30 billion by extracting data from its users.

If Apple bans Facebook they will instantly start losing money and with iOs and macOS other operating systems like Windows and Android too might follow suit. So, it can be said just by banning one single app from its system Apple could flip the world of social media around.

Will Apple not incur losses by banning social media apps?

Whenever such adverse measures are taken it causes numerous ripple effects and one ripple effect that Apple might face is, It could lose money.

We are talking about Millions of dollars every year.

But, on the premise Apple is a seller of electronic goods and services thus, banning social media apps will only cause them marginal losses which they can cope up within a few years.


If this really goes through then we might get to witness one of the biggest revolutions of modern times. Yes, it will be troublesome for people at first. Most Instagram influencers will lose their cult following and digital entertainment & e-commerce industries will also take a major hit. But, in the end, it is all for a good cause.

So, if you are an iPhone user then you better start looking for ways by which you can access your social media profiles. As it will start with Facebook and will slowly trickle down to other apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

Will Apple make any social media apps for their users to replace Facebook?

With Apple, you can really never say a yes or a no. But theoretically, it would take less than a month for a company like Apple to build a platform that functions just like Facebook.

Hope you liked this article. We post great content like this every day so, don’t forget to come back and read more. Good Day!