iPhone 11: Is it time for goodbye???

Every year Apple releases some brand new devices to update their product line. From iPhones to Macbooks and iPads, everything is updated year-to-year.

But, other the other side of the spectrum more than 3 devices get discontinued by Apple due to lack of demand.

And this year it could be iPhone 11’s chance to get the axe.

The News:

According to a report, the number of iPhones sold by Apple is rising, as per a report with price reductions reportedly in the direction of the iPhone 12 series. However, Cupertino is likely to announce the iPhone 14 series later in the year, and it will have to reduce the number of models available to boost sales and reap the benefits of the hype about the latest iPhone version.

The iPhone 11 will soon be headed to the graveyard of old smartphones, as per LeaksApplePro (via iDropNews). However, if there is an Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max likely to arrive in September, Apple's store would be too bloated with older iPhones allowed to remain there.

In the end, it's that iPhone 11 that will make way for the iPhone 14. Alongside the demise of the iPhone 11, the same source says there are going to be some price adjustments in those of the iPhone 12 series.

It is possible that the iPhone 12 could be priced between the US $699 and US $599, which would make it a better deal for a possible entry-level Apple device, while the iPhone 12 mini could see its price decrease to the US $499. However, the 2020 Apple iPhone SE will likely remain heavily promoted by store-going customers to help sustain its doubtful potential.

Not to be left out, and most importantly, the iPhone 13 range will simply move down a level in the iPhone ranking. The iPhone 13 series has been incredibly popular both conceptually as well as commercially, with an estimated 40 million units sold during the 2021 holiday season.

Another Apple iPhone 13 mini is also believed to be in stock, despite the potential for a $100 price cut across the entire spectrum to further limit alternatives for future iPhone customers.


The discontinuation of the iPhone 11 is still purely a myth but, things might change when the new iPhone 14 will be launched.

Right now it seems it's too early to cut off the production for iPhone 11, as it still has got some sales. But, Apple believes the new iPhone 14 will become such a big success that the older demand for older models will stoop down even further.

Thus, the verdict could go either way.