iPadOS 15: Bugs and their remedy

Every year Apple renews the operating system for each of its devices. Which helps to fix the bugs and another shortcoming of the previous versions. But, despite the rapid troubleshooting and upgrades, new bugs pop up every other year.

Thus, we felt it is the best time to discuss a few bugs that Apple’s recently released iPadOS is suffering from.

We will provide an overview of each bug, how they infiltrate the system, and a few methods to troubleshoot the bugs at a personal level. So, let us begin...

Bugs of iPadOS15

Few bugs came with the update of iPadOS15. Few bugs that we have come across are listed below:

Live Text is not working

Live texting is a brand new feature that helps users take notes and customize texts at any time. The Live Text features pop-up a notepad that can be used to:

  • Take notes of websites from Safari,
  • Make notifications,
  • Generate a to-do list, and much more.

Live Text was supposed to be available for all older iPadOS versions but at the end of September by this has not happened. Although you might be able to download the stock Live Text app of older iPadOS, it will only work in the newer version like iPadOS 15 or later.


Firstly, consider updating your operating system, and only then, download newer apps like Live Text.

iPadOS 15 keyboard glitches

In Split View, when using Apple Pencil on a text field to open the floating keyboard, but the two fingers move to increase the size of the keyboard, the full size does not work. Moreover, sometimes the Split View does not function properly itself.

Many users have complained that the Split Screen is taking too long to respond and maximizing and minimizing the screen sizes is a real hassle.

  • Return to Home Screen
  • Open Spotlight Search to open the full-screen keyboard,

Only then return to the split view application. Now the Split Screen will work just fine.

Mail app search is not working properly

This bug prevents the subject field of an email to show up in the inbox.

Whenever you get a new mail you will be able to see other details like sender’s ID, time, date, etc. But, the subject filed remains completely blank and one can only see the subject when they click open each email.


Restarting the Mail application is the most simple way to deal with this problem. Users can also log out and log in back to their individual IDs to get rid of this problem for an extended period of time.

Safari video playback is not working properly

Safari video playback is not working properly on iPadOS 15!

Whenever you are trying to play any embedded video on Safari the video playback screen with go all black or, sometimes the video will continue to show Error messages out of nowhere.


Load the non-AMP version of the website while you will see that the video will play normally!

Or, you can simply right-click on the video link and open the video directly on a new tab.

iPadOS 15 audio glitch

The audio playback on iPadOS 15 is a huge issue. Considering the fact that an iPad will be mostly used by users to consume AV content. This bug is a real bummer.

The native sounds of a few song tracks seem very distorted thanks to this bug. In normal conditions, the bass and treble will suddenly go off, and often sometimes the sounds become too glitchy.

Many enthusiasts and users are still on the search for a remedy to this problem but, we believe this issue can only be solved with a new OS update.

Final Words

Are those were all about the bugs and their potential remedies. Most of these bugs will be resolved with the new iPadOS update of 2022.

Until then, please for the given methods to stay clear of the potential problems.