iPad Pro 2022: What can we expect.

Apple will launch an additional version of the iPad Pro in 2022. Following the model that featured the M1 chip as well as a mini LEDs display and support for 5G in 2021.

Last season's iPad pro range introduced essential improvements to the premium iPad duo.

Along with the upgraded Mini-LED display on models with a 12.9-inch version, Apple introduced its desktop chipset - The Apple M1, to the lineup, which allows tablets to take advantage of the incredible performance and battery power usually reserved for laptops and desktops.

Although that's enough, Apple is hard at work developing their next iPad Pro range behind closed doors.

And. here’s everything we could find about this up-and-coming iPad Pro 2022.

What is the release date for the iPad Pro (2022)?

In light of the iPad Pro (2021) range being just a little over a year old, it comes as no surprise that Apple hasn't yet announced the release date of the next-generation tablet range.

In the meantime, the best thing we could do instead of studying prior versions is to get an idea of when we can expect to see the brand new iPad Pro range appear.

Looking back to the launch of the first-generation iPad Pro 11 in 2018, here's how you can see the iPad Pro release schedule looks:

  • iPad Pro range (2018): November 2018
  • iPad Pro range (2020): March 2020
  • iPad Pro range (2021): May 2021

As you can see, this is not as precise as the Apple Watch or iPhone, which both launch in September each year, but there has been a hazy first-half-of-the-year plan in recent years.

If Apple continues to release new models in this manner, the iPad Pro line may be updated. In the first quarter of 2022, the iPad Pro series will be released.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the next iPad Pro will be launched in 2022, although he hasn't given a specific date.

It's the Twitter-based leaker @dylandkt who has the most precise news about the release we've heard up to now, suggesting that it's the iPad Pro "is coming in the fall" (or Autumn to those of us living in the UK).

How much will the iPad Pro be priced?

Similar to the date of release, it's not clear what the possible price of the iPad Pro (2022) is.

However, we'll take a look at prices from the past to give us an estimate.

  • iPad Pro 12.9in (2020): PS969/$999
  • iPad Pro 11in (2020): PS769/$799
  • iPad Pro 12.9in (2021): PS999/$1,099
  • iPad Pro 11in (2021): PS749/$799

As you observe, Apple isn't afraid to modify the prices for iPad Pro models.

From time to time, the iPad Pro range is available. Although the iPad Pro 11in (2021) is PS20 lower within the UK than its predecessor, the iPad Pro 12.9in model saw a price increase of PS30/$100 this time around, probably due to the updated mini-LED display.

However, it does not tend to significantly raise the cost of a tablet that is already expensive.

And therefore, even though Apple's iPad Pro 12.9in could be slightly higher depending on the upgrade options available, we don't expect the 12.9in model to exceed the legendary PS1,000/$1,100 threshold.

Rumors about the design and features of the new iPad Pro (2022)

Apple has spent much of the last year synchronizing its design language across its products by introducing Apple's iPad Mini 6 and iPhone 13.

Sporting the same sleek, industrial appearance as Apple's iPad Pro range.

In that light, it's unlikely that Apple will revamp the wheel or, more appropriately, redesign the iPad Pro with its 2022 refresh.

It will include a wide range of new features, of course, and the rumor mill has been buzzing.

The 11-inch model has a Mini-LED display

A rumor that is among the more popular reports currently is the most obvious: the 11-inch iPad Pro (2022) is anticipated to have the 12.9-inch iPad Pro's Mini-LED display following the absence of the technology in the 2021 range.

This information comes from highly accurate Ming-Chi Wu, declaring in the July 2021 note to shareholders Apple that the iPad Pro's 11-inch model, along with the MacBook Air, will each receive the mini-LED upgrade in 2022.

Twitter leaker @Dylandkt is also convinced Mini-LED is a feature on both models. Saying the following: "all iPad Pro models will feature a MiniLED screen" in the early January 2022 Twitter post.


According to some trusted sources, the release date of iPad Pro 2022 might glide between the third or fourth quarter but, whatever the case maybe we are excited to see what new updates it brings in itself.

Thanks for bearing with us, and hope you liked what you read. We will be back soon with more new updates on the iPad Pro 2022. But, until then. Stay tuned and have a Good Day!