iPad Mini: How practical is it?

This year Apple has released a lot of great devices. From the brand new AirPods 3 to MacBook Pro, and iPhone 13. Every other device has turned a lot of heads and pondered the interest of a lot of buyers. But, not all devices get the same recognition as others.

Remember back at the beginning of 2021 when everyone was questioning the relevance of iPods. This time the same question of relevance has been cast towards the new iPad Mini.

On paper, the iPad Mini is as great as any other Apple device but, it’s in the utility sector that the device has got a lot of substantial backlashes. Thus, we felt it was our responsibility to talk about it.

So, here we are…


The new iPad Mini was like a surprise release by Apple in this year’s September Event. Throughout the year the device was overshadowed by more famous devices like the iPhone 13 and even iPad Pro. But, still, the new device was a massive improvement over its ancestors.

The new iPad Mini packs in serious performance in a small form factor. From high-resolution display to new Jelly Scrolling multi-touch features. The iPad Mini is a feature-rich device in itself. But, the real question is - Who is this device targeted towards.

The turbulence

If you look carefully the all the devices in the Apple lineup are dedicated to specific users.

  • The MacBook Pros are targeted at professionals who want a lot of power and long battery life to maximize efficiency.
  • The MacBook Air is for creative artists and students whose primary need is performance and portability.
  • The iPhones are targeted towards people of all age groups.
  • iPods are for kids, it's their stepping-stone to modern technology.
  • And, the iPad Pro and Air are targeted towards creative professionals who need a little more than a tablet.

So, it is really hard to reciprocate the targeted audience for the iPad Mini.

On the preface the iPad Mini is small and trendy which could be the best fit for students but, its price makes people question its value for money. Most students will rather spend a few hundred bucks more and get a MacBook Air.

On the other hand, professionals would want much more power and functionality from a device. Where the Mini will fall short from iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Who is this device for?

While it's definitely faster, more stylish, safer, long-lasting battery, and more! But the question is, do we really need this device that's neither giving an iPhone's comfort nor a Macbook usefulness? It is just stuck somewhere in between. And this question becomes even more important when you already own the older generation. Though the answer primarily depends on an individual's usage and on the Apple devices they already own. However, we will still try to make it easier for those feeling dicey right now!

The iPad is a larger iPod Touch or iPhone without the phone. Because of its greater size, it is more practical at home than smaller mobile devices. It's handier (and entertaining) than a laptop, netbook, or tablet computer. Thus, it can be a great alternative or next step for your kid who is using an iPod Touch.

It is a fantastic alternative for individuals who do not require the features of a complete computer. It's a wonderful tool to have around the house (particularly if you have kids) for those of you who do, but you can live without it - for now.

Is it practical to own an iPad Mini in 2021?

Apple would not release a device if it did not feel there was a market for it. They are not amateurs! They know what they are doing!

At the end of the day, the iPad Mini is a great smart device and like any other smart device in the market, it has its own utility and needs. Thus, it depends on who plans on buying the device.

If you are a person who has limited requirements then the iPad Mini is perfect for you. But, If you are a seasoned professional….. Better stick to a MacBook or iPad Pro.