iPad Air 2022: Bad built quality, poor funcationality, unhappy customers.

iPad Air 5, which was released just now, has already started receiving criticism and negative reviews.

Together with the iPad Pro and iPad mini six versions, the 2022 iPad Air is the fourth generation that is updated to the formidable M1 CPU.

It has a Touch ID, 12MP Ultra-Wide front camera with Center Stage, as well as capability for a 5G network. In addition, it comes in different color choices, with prices starting at $599.

But it seems like the features were not able to impress the buyers as much as they distressed them. Some users call it “flimsy,” while others complain about its poor build quality.

If you’re planning to buy an iPad Air 5 and here to get help in making a buying decision, or bought already and want to know more about the build quality issue, you’re at the right place.

Without any delay, let’s jump straight to the updates and conclusion. Make sure to read the report till the end to get all the updates on the latest trends about iPad Air 5.

iPad Air 5 Build Quality Issues: is it true?

As per the comments of the buyers of iPad Air 5 who took to various sites like Reddit, the product recently launched is not satisfactory.

Despite the fact that the elements have typically been improved, there are complaints about the outward build quality. In addition, customers are encountering issues with the physical solidity of this new Apple product.

More complaints on the body of iPad Air 5

Several customers' comments about the apparent reduction in the thickness of the metal that acts as the tablet's frame and packaging One gives you the uneasy sense that the tablet isn't substantial and creaks when you scoop it up.

When grasping the tablet, even the tiniest amount of pressure on the hand is enough to induce changes in the display as a result of the bending. The matter was originally made public on the social media network Reddit.

While others claim it is so thin that they can feel the product's battery through the backside, Certain customers report that the back of the iPad seems thin and much more flexible than the previous version that was considered as one of Apple's greatest iPads.

There was a space between the back of the iPad and the inside parts, which they could feel. Buyers also said that the iPad's construction "seems quite low quality," and they are deciding to switch back to M1 iPad Pro.

The issue has been experienced by a number of users, which is troubling because prior iPads have usually been well-built. There are also complaints of certain newer MacBooks creaking and not resting flat in that thread.

It's questionable whether the faults are the outcome of cost-cutting tactics linked to rising aluminum prices, quality-control failings linked to hard production targets during the epidemic, or just an unlucky apple product batch.

Since this pandemic situation began, we've received many complaints of poor construction quality across a wide spectrum of items, most likely due to supply chain issues, pricing hikes, and workforce shortages.

What does Apple have to say on this?

There is no comment from the officials of Apple company. We are not sure what they are waiting for, but we can expect something from them any time soon.

As the complaints number rises, Apple will be more pressured to consider these flaws and make required changes.

Wrapping Up

Till the time Apple says nothing, we have to wait and keep ourselves updated with the rising issue of Apple products.

If you are planning to buy any of the variants, make sure to research well.

You will be the first to know about any update from the apple side, so stay tuned and have a Good day!