iOS: Setting up Custom Ringtones and More.

Did you know your iPhone has this unique feature by which you can customize ringtone for specific contacts?

It’s not just limited to ringtones. Notifications, messages, and every other audio tune can now be customized for a specific contact so, you can automatically know if someone special is calling or texting you.

And in today’s article, we will teach you how you can do so on your device.

Thus, put on your learning caps and hop on the tutorial train as it’s time to learn something new.

Let us begin…

How to Set Ringtones for Individual Contacts on an iPhone

Affixing different ringtones to specific people within your contact book can be an enjoyable method to personalize your iPhone and will let you know who's calling you without having to look at the display.

To personalize the ringtones you assign to the people you call:

  • Click on to launch the iPhone app to launch it.
  • Make sure to tap on the contacts.

  • In the contact list Find the contact whose ringtone you wish to change from the default. This can be done by typing their name using the search box at the top of the page or using the scroll function to browse through.
  • If you've identified the person you want to contact, tap on their name to access their contact information.
  • Click edit. Contact information is now editable.
  • Tap, swipe down and then swipe up. Ringtone

  • Ringtones are listed in the list you can download on your iPhone. This includes the built-in ringtones and alert tones as well as any rings you've created or purchased from Apple. You can tap a ringtone to listen to the preview.
  • Choose the ringtone you would like to assign to the person and put a checkmark next to it. Select "Done" to go back to the edit screen. The name of the ringtone that you selected is shown in the middle of the ringtone.

  • To save the changes, click "Done" in the middle of the editing screen. If someone calls you, you'll be able to hear the ringtone that you selected.

How can you customize Contacts Vibration Patterns for the iPhone?

When your device is programmed to vibrate rather than make a call, You can alter the vibration pattern for each contact.

This will tell you who's calling, even when the phone's ringer is not turned off. The vibration feature is located on the same screen as the ringtones.

To alter a contact's vibration setting:

  • Visit your Ringtonescreen and follow the above steps up to 6.

  • Click Vibration to display the collection of vibration patterns available on the iPhone.
  • Click on one of the vibrations to experience an initial preview. If you spot the one you wish to use, then tap it to add an X to it.
  • Click on "Ringtone."

  • Press Done to return to the editing screen of the contact.
  • The selected vibration is displayed below the ringtone that the iPhone employs when the vibration is off. Click "done" to store the new setting.


And just like that, you can customize ringtones, message tones, and notification tones for special contact in your contact list.

Hope you liked the article. We will be back soon with other fun hacks and tutorials, until then. Stay Tuned, Good Day!